Aymeric Laporte Completes £23.6m Move to Ronaldo’s Al Nassr

In the world of football, transitions are as common as matchday excitement. Aymeric Laporte, a name synonymous with defensive prowess, has recently taken a significant step in his career. From his influential days at Manchester City to a promising future at Al Nassr, Laporte’s journey is a testament to dedication and evolution. Join us as we delve into the intriguing story of a player who has left an indelible mark on the pitch and embarks on a new adventure.


In a stunning twist, Aymeric Laporte bids farewell to Manchester City and embraces a fresh challenge with Al Nassr. From record-breaking transfers to triumphant seasons, Laporte’s journey unfolds in riveting detail.

A Noteworthy Journey at Manchester City

During his illustrious tenure at Manchester City, Laporte made an impressive 180 appearances for the team. His efforts didn’t go unnoticed, as he played a pivotal role in securing a staggering 13 major titles for the club. This string of successes underscored his proficiency as a defender and his dedication to contributing to the team’s achievements.

Joining the Stellar Lineup at Al Nassr

Laporte’s new chapter takes him to Al Nassr, where he will be in the company of football icons Cristiano Ronaldo and Sadio Mane. This trio of talent promises to make waves in the football world, injecting even more excitement and anticipation into the upcoming season.

Fond Reflections on Manchester City

As he embarks on this fresh journey, Laporte took a moment to reflect on his time at Manchester City. He expressed his pride in donning the team’s colors for the past six seasons. When he first arrived, he held high hopes of contributing to a trophy-laden spell, but the scale of success that ensued surpassed his wildest expectations.

Acknowledging the Support System

Laporte extended his gratitude to the coaches, teammates, and the enthusiastic City fanbase for standing by his side throughout his Manchester journey. Their unwavering support fueled his performance on the field and cemented his place in the club’s history.

Praise from City’s Director of Football

Txiki Begiristain, City’s Director of Football, spared no words in praising Laporte’s contributions to the team. He acknowledged Laporte’s seamless integration into the squad upon his arrival in 2018. Throughout his time with the club, Laporte emerged as a key player who played a defining role in the numerous triumphs Manchester City celebrated.

An Evolving Scenario

However, as the 2022/23 season unfolded, the fierce competition among the other defenders in the squad limited Laporte’s playing time. Acknowledging this challenge, the decision to explore opportunities elsewhere was made with mutual respect. Laporte’s dedication and commitment were undeniable, making this choice a deeply considered one.

A Future Followed from Afar

Looking ahead, Txiki Begiristain expressed his excitement to follow Laporte’s journey from a distance. The director looked forward to witnessing Laporte’s continued growth and achievements, even as his footballing path takes a new direction.

Aymeric Laporte’s transfer to Al Nassr marks the end of an era at Manchester City, punctuating a chapter of success, growth, and camaraderie. As the football landscape continues to evolve, all eyes will remain on Laporte and his fellow athletes, as they carve their respective paths in this captivating sport.


Aymeric Laporte has finalized a transfer deal worth £23.6 million, moving from Manchester City to join the ranks of Al Nassr. The seasoned 29-year-old player originally made his mark when he joined City from Athletic Bilbao in January 2018, setting a new club record with a £57 million price tag. Laporte’s impact on the team was immense, contributing significantly during his time at the club, which spanned five-and-a-half years.

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