Corps Members to Receive N85,000 Stipend.

This blog post focuses on the Taraba state governor’s groundbreaking decision to provide substantial allowances for NYSC members serving in Taraba’s schools, along with a host of other measures aimed at fostering educational excellence.


In a remarkable move towards bolstering education in Taraba State, Governor Agbu Kefas has given the green light for substantial financial incentives for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members serving in the state’s schools. The decision, which includes a monthly allowance increase, accommodation allowance, and medical allowance, aims to address the surge in school enrollments resulting from the government’s introduction of free basic education, uniforms, and learning materials.

Meeting the Education Surge

Taraba State has recently witnessed a remarkable surge in school enrollments, thanks to Governor Kefas’s visionary policies aimed at making quality education accessible to all. In the past ten working days alone, schools across the state have experienced an influx of new students, a testament to the success of the government’s commitment to free education.

Generous Allowances for NYSC Members

To address the pressing need for additional support in schools, Governor Kefas approved a series of substantial allowances for NYSC members serving in Taraba State schools:

  • Monthly Support: NYSC members will receive an additional N10,000 as part of their monthly allowance, recognizing their invaluable contributions to the education sector.
  • Medical Allowance: A one-time payment of N50,000 will be granted as a medical allowance, ensuring that these dedicated individuals have access to necessary healthcare services.
  • Accommodation Allowance: NYSC members posted to schools in Taraba State will receive an accommodation allowance of N25,000 per term, totaling N85,000 for three terms.

Rewarding Excellence

The government’s commitment to educational excellence doesn’t stop there. Exceptional NYSC members who distinguish themselves while serving in schools will be offered automatic employment opportunities, providing an incentive for these dedicated educators to excel in their roles.

Supporting Students in Pursuit of Education

The Taraba State government is leaving no stone unturned in its pursuit of educational enhancement. Beginning this term, an ICT-based registration system will be introduced for teachers and students. This system will ensure that essential school materials are readily available upon their arrival, streamlining administrative processes.

Expansion of School Infrastructure

As schools across the state grapple with the influx of students, those that have reached their facility limits will temporarily implement a shifting system. This move is a stopgap measure while additional buildings are constructed to meet the growing demand for education.

Investing in Examination Fees

In the coming year, Taraba State Government plans to cover the examination fees for all SS3 students, enabling them to write both WAEC and NECO examinations. Exceptional students will also have access to sponsorship and scholarships, nurturing their academic potential.

Accessible Education for All

To ensure accessibility to education for all, adult learners seeking enrollment will be directed to various Mass Education Centers. This initiative reflects the government’s commitment to providing education opportunities for learners of all ages.

Prompt Implementation of Measures

Governor Kefas has entrusted the state’s Ministry of Education and Ministry of Youth and Sports Development with the task of promptly implementing these groundbreaking measures. Their dedication and efficiency will be instrumental in realizing the government’s vision for educational prosperity in Taraba State.


In conclusion, Taraba State’s commitment to education is nothing short of remarkable. With these generous allowances for NYSC members, investments in infrastructure, and a dedication to excellence, the state is poised to become a shining example of educational progress in Nigeria. Governor Agbu Kefas’s visionary leadership is paving the way for a brighter future for Taraba’s youth and the entire state.

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