FC Cincinnati vs Inter Miami: Messi’s Heroics Propel Team to US Open Cup Final

This blog post delves into the exhilarating match that saw Inter Miami secure a spot in the Cup final through a penalty shootout, leaving spectators in awe of the magic Messi and his team conjured on the field.


In a thrilling encounter that had fans on the edge of their seats, FC Cincinnati faced off against Inter Miami in the U.S. Open Cup semifinals. As Lionel Messi’s star continued to shine, both teams battled valiantly for a spot in the coveted final. Despite facing a 2-0 deficit against the physical MLS table-toppers, Inter Miami showcased their resilience and determination, ultimately triumphing in a penalty shootout.

A Grueling Journey

After an arduous Leagues Cup campaign, both Lionel Messi and Inter Miami appeared to be running on empty. However, their ability to conjure magic on the field remained intact. Every time they stepped onto the pitch, they defied the odds and rose to the occasion.

The Early Struggle

The match against FC Cincinnati began with Inter Miami falling behind by two goals. The physicality and prowess of the MLS table-toppers was evident, as they dominated the first hour of play. FC Cincinnati looked every bit the leader in the race for the Supporters’ Shield.

Messi’s Impact

Lionel Messi, however, had other plans. Demonstrating his exceptional skill and playmaking abilities, Messi provided two crucial assists to Leo Campana. These assists ignited a late comeback for Inter Miami, with the second assist resulting in a dramatic equalizer deep into added time. The scoreboard now read 2-2, a testament to Messi’s ability to turn the tide of the game.

Extra-Time Drama

As the match progressed into extra time, both teams continued to battle fiercely. Josef Martinez seized an opportunity and struck early in extra time, giving Inter Miami a valuable lead. The goal came courtesy of a well-timed feed from substitute Benji Cremaschi. However, FC Cincinnati was determined to keep their hopes alive, and Yuya Kubo’s equalizer in the 114th minute showcased their unwavering spirit.

The Decisive Shootout

With the score level at the end of extra time, the match headed into a nerve-wracking penalty shootout. Inter Miami’s goalkeeper Callender emerged as a hero by stopping Nick Hagglund’s crucial penalty in the fifth round. This save set the stage for Inter Miami’s victory. The spotlight then turned to Benji Cremaschi, who confidently scored his spot-kick, sealing Inter Miami’s place in yet another Cup final.


In the end, the FC Cincinnati vs Inter Miami semifinal clash was a true spectacle of skill, determination, and resilience. Lionel Messi’s impact cannot be overstated, as he orchestrated a remarkable comeback and propelled his team to victory. Inter Miami’s journey to the US Open Cup final is a testament to their unyielding spirit and ability to conjure magic even in the face of adversity.

As they continue to bask in their recent triumphs, Messi’s unbeaten streak in the distinctive pink jersey remains unblemished. The anticipation for the upcoming final is palpable, promising fans another thrilling chapter in the beautiful game.

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