N-Power Scheme Overhaul: Promising a Brighter Future

This blog post explores the comprehensive plan to overhaul the program, ensuring timely stipend payments, expanding its reach, and fostering transparency. Driven by the commitment to combat poverty through multifaceted initiatives, this overhaul, supported by President Bola Tinubu’s economic strategies, holds the promise of a brighter future for Nigeria.


In a recent announcement, Dr. Betta Edu, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, has unveiled ambitious plans to rejuvenate and expand Nigeria’s N-Power scheme. The primary objectives of this overhaul are to address the timely payment of beneficiaries’ stipends and broaden the program’s reach. This blog post delves into the details of these plans and their potential impact on Nigeria’s fight against poverty.

Resolving Stipend Payment Delays

One of the most pressing issues faced by N-Power beneficiaries has been the delay in stipend payments. Dr. Betta Edu acknowledges this concern and is determined to find a solution. She stated, “We will modify the procedures to ensure people receive their delayed stipends, include more participants, and relaunch the program with a renewed sense of hope.” This commitment to timely payments will provide much-needed financial stability to countless Nigerians who rely on these stipends for their livelihoods.

Expanding the Program’s Reach

To make the N-Power scheme even more impactful, the ministry plans to include more participants. This expansion aims to reach a broader section of the population, helping to alleviate poverty on a larger scale. Additionally, the establishment of humanitarian hubs in all 774 local government areas across the country is a visionary step toward long-term poverty eradication. These hubs will stock locally produced goods, making essential items more affordable for Nigerians and stimulating local economies.

Enhancing Transparency Through Digital Tracking

Transparency in the distribution of palliatives and relief materials is crucial to ensure that they reach those in need. The ministry intends to deploy staff to all local government areas and employ digital tracking systems to monitor the time, location, households, and individuals receiving these essential resources. Independent monitors will also be involved to verify the fair distribution of relief materials. This commitment to transparency will build trust among the citizens and donors, ensuring that aid reaches its intended recipients.

Addressing Poverty Through Diverse Initiatives

Dr. Betta Edu’s vision extends beyond merely addressing stipend delays. She emphasized her dedication to combating poverty through various means, such as job creation and cash transfers to impoverished Nigerians. Moreover, supporting the establishment of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and providing stimulus to their businesses will promote economic growth and self-sufficiency among Nigerians. These initiatives demonstrate a holistic approach to poverty alleviation.

A President’s Commitment to Economic Strategies

Dr. Betta Edu assures Nigerians of President Bola Tinubu’s comprehensive economic strategies, designed to fulfill both immediate and future needs. These strategies encompass short-term objectives aimed at immediate relief and long-term goals to create sustainable prosperity. The minister urges Nigerians to have faith in this process, signaling a brighter future for the nation.


The announcement of plans to overhaul the N-Power scheme and address the challenges faced by its beneficiaries is a significant step in the right direction. Dr. Betta Edu’s commitment to resolving stipend payment delays, expanding program reach, ensuring transparency, and implementing various poverty-alleviation initiatives demonstrates a comprehensive approach to addressing Nigeria’s humanitarian crisis.

With President Bola Tinubu’s economic strategies complementing these efforts, Nigerians can indeed look forward to a more prosperous future, marked by reduced poverty and increased opportunities for all.

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