Shake Your Phone and Win Great Prizes With Opera Mini.

This blog post provides you with all that you need to know about the ongoing opera mini shake and win campaign.


Opera, the company known for its data-saving Opera Mini browser, has on 13th June, 2023 launched a new edition of its “Shake and Win” campaign. The campaign, which is currently running in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa offers users the opportunity to win over 130,000 prizes, which include cash vouchers, data bundles, and phones.

To participate, users simply need to shake their phones and see what they win. This campaign aims to engage Opera’s 100 million users across Africa and provide them with a chance to win exciting prizes.

How to Win Prizes in the Campaign

To win prizes in the ongoing Opera Mini Shake and Win campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have the Opera Mini browser installed on your mobile device. If you don’t have it, you can click here and download it from play store.
  2. Open the Opera Mini browser and navigate to the campaign page. You can usually find a floating button on the start page that leads you to the Shake and Win campaign.
  3. Once you’re on the Shake and Win campaign page, you’ll be prompted to shake your phone. Shake your device vigorously to participate in the campaign.
  4. Each shake will give you a chance to win either an immediate prize or a puzzle piece towards a major prize.
  5. If you win an immediate prize, you’ll receive it instantly. It could be a free data bundle, airtime voucher, or another reward.
  6. To win one of the major prizes, such as a brand-new phone or a significant cash equivalent, you need to collect six individual puzzle pieces.
  7. Keep shaking your phone regularly to increase your chances of winning more prizes and collecting all the required puzzle pieces.
  8. Once you’ve collected all six puzzle pieces, you will complete your prize puzzle and become eligible for a major prize.
  9. Follow the instructions provided on the campaign page to claim your major prize if you have successfully collected all the required puzzle pieces.

Remember to read and follow the specific instructions and terms and conditions mentioned in the Shake and Win campaign for accurate information on participating and winning prizes.

About Opera

Opera is a renowned global pioneer in web technology, attracting and increasing its user base of millions of active monthly users who desire an improved internet experience. With a legacy of innovation spanning over 25 years, Opera initially focused on browser products but has now utilized its strong brand and dedicated user community to diversify into new areas. Presently, Opera offers a variety of products and services worldwide, including PC and mobile browsers, the Opera News newsreader, as well as specialized apps for gaming, e-commerce, and classifieds. Opera’s headquarters are situated in Oslo, Norway, and the company is publicly listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol OPRA

About Opera Mini

Introduced in 2006, Opera Mini is a compact, speedy, and robust web browser that offers a distinctive set of capabilities. These include Data Compression, Offline File Sharing, and an integrated ad-blocker. Currently, over 100 million individuals prefer Opera Mini over the default browsers on their Android mobile devices. The browser has earned a commendable rating of 4.4 stars on Google Play and has garnered feedback from a global user base exceeding eight million people.


In conclusion, the Opera Mini Shake and Win campaign has been a successful initiative by Opera Mini. By integrating a fun and interactive feature into the browser, users were given the opportunity to participate in a gamified experience and have a chance to win exciting prizes. This campaign not only increased user engagement but also contributed to the overall popularity and positive reception of Opera Mini.

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