Strong Message to N-POWER Batch C Beneficiaries

This blog post delves into the challenges faced by N-POWER Batch C beneficiaries with the implementation of Nasimsng’s Self Service Portal (SSP). The post provides an overview of the issues discussed, including the announcement on Nasimsng’s Facebook page, login difficulties, and the recommendation to use Email Address for login. It emphasizes the importance of resolving these challenges promptly to ensure the program’s effectiveness in empowering Nigerian youth and addressing unemployment.


In recent times, the N-POWER initiative has proven to be a critical program in tackling youth unemployment and empowering beneficiaries with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute positively to society. One of the vital components of the program is the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS), which serves as the platform for managing the welfare and information of beneficiaries.

However, the implementation of the N-POWER Batch C beneficiaries’ Self Service Portal (SSP) by Nasimsng has been met with some challenges, leading to difficulties in account access and information validation.

The Announcement on Nasimsng Facebook Page

On a recent post on Nasimsng’s official Facebook page, an announcement was made, urging N-POWER Batch C beneficiaries not to update any information on their new Self Service Portal (SSP) at the moment. The reason cited for this directive was that the portal was currently irresponsive. This update aimed to inform beneficiaries about the ongoing issues with the portal and advise them to refrain from making any changes to their information until further notice.

Issues with Logging into Accounts

Among the primary challenges faced by N-POWER Batch C beneficiaries is the difficulty in logging into their accounts on the Nasimsng Self Service Portal (SSP). Many beneficiaries reported encountering login issues, which hampered their ability to access important information and perform necessary tasks on the platform.

Nasimsng’s Recommendation

Use Email Address Instead of Npower ID Number:To address the login difficulties, Nasimsng offered a recommendation to the beneficiaries. It was suggested that instead of using their Npower ID Number and password for login, they should utilize their registered Email Address along with the password. This alternative approach was presumably designed to alleviate the login issues and enable beneficiaries to gain access to the portal without further complications.

Impact on Beneficiaries

The challenges faced by N-POWER Batch C beneficiaries with the Nasimsng Self Service Portal have had significant consequences on their overall experience with the program. Delays in accessing vital information and performing necessary updates have led to frustration and anxiety among beneficiaries. Some may have even faced difficulties in availing themselves of program benefits or accessing support services promptly.

Importance of Nasimsng’s Response

While the technical issues faced by the SSP are undoubtedly unfortunate, it is commendable that Nasimsng took prompt action by addressing the concerns on their official Facebook page. By informing beneficiaries about the ongoing portal irresponsiveness and recommending an alternative login method using the registered Email Address, Nasimsng attempted to provide a temporary solution to the problem.

Call for Quick Resolution

Call for Quick Resolution: Given the significance of the N-POWER program in empowering Nigerian youth and supporting their professional development, it is imperative for the authorities to expedite the resolution of the challenges faced by the SSP. Beneficiaries’ access to the Self Service Portal is crucial for information updates, program compliance, and receiving timely support.

Freequently Asked Questions and Answers About the SSP

This section will provide with 10 frquently asked questions and their possible answers about the NASIMS new SSP.

What is N-POWER SSP?

N-POWER SSP stands for Self Service Portal, which is an online platform designed to manage the welfare and information of N-POWER beneficiaries in Nigeria.

How do I access the N-POWER SSP?

To access the N-POWER SSP, go to the official Nasimsng website and log in using your registered Email Address and password.

Why am I having difficulty logging into the SSP?

Some beneficiaries might experience login issues due to technical problems or high traffic on the platform. Nasimsng has recommended using the registered Email Address instead of Npower ID Number to address this problem.

Can I update my information on the SSP at any time?

Currently, Nasimsng has advised beneficiaries not to update their information on the SSP due to ongoing technical issues. Hold on with your information validation until further notice.

How can I reset my password for the SSP?

If you forget your password, you can use the “Forgot Password” option on the login page. An email will be sent to your registered Email Address with instructions on how to reset your password.

Can I change my Email Address on the SSP?

At the moment, Nasimsng has not provided an option to change your registered Email Address on the SSP. Please wait for further updates from Nasimsng regarding this matter.

What should I do if I encounter other technical issues on the SSP?

If you face any technical problems on the SSP, you can reach out to the N-POWER support team via their official helpline or email for assistance.

Can I access the SSP from a mobile device?

Yes, the N-POWER SSP is accessible from both desktop and mobile devices, allowing beneficiaries to log in and access their accounts on the go.

Will the N-POWER program be affected by the SSP technical issues?

While the technical issues are unfortunate, efforts are being made to resolve them promptly. The N-POWER program’s core initiatives and benefits remain unaffected by the SSP challenges.

How frequently should I check for updates on the SSP?

It is advisable to keep an eye on the official Nasimsng website and their social media channels for announcements and updates regarding the SSP. Regularly checking for updates will keep you informed about any changes or improvements made to the platform.


The N-POWER Batch C program has been a crucial pillar in addressing youth unemployment and fostering skill development in Nigeria. The recent challenges faced by beneficiaries in accessing the Nasimsng Self Service Portal (SSP) highlight the importance of robust and reliable technical infrastructure.

It is crucial for the relevant authorities to address these issues promptly to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for beneficiaries. By doing so, the program can continue to make a positive impact on the lives of Nigerian youth, fostering economic growth and development for the nation as a whole.

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