The Inspiring Story of Auwalu Salisu: A Keke Rider’s Remarkable Act of Honesty

This is the story of Auwalu Salisu, a 22-year-old Keke rider who found himself at a crossroads when fate presented him with an incredible test of character. With a financially humble background, Auwalu’s moral richness shines through as he embarks on a journey defined by honesty, family values, and an unwavering commitment to doing what’s right.


In the ever busy streets of Kano state in Northern Nigeria, where life is often a relentless struggle, a remarkable tale of honesty and integrity unfolds. Meet Auwalu Salisu, a 22-year-old Keke rider, whose extraordinary act of integrity has captivated the hearts of many. In a world often defined by material pursuits, Auwalu’s story shines as a beacon of moral strength and unwavering honesty.

A Fortunate Discovery

It all began one ordinary day when Auwalu Salisu was ferrying passengers through the chaotic streets of Kano. Little did he know that fate had something extraordinary in store for him. Alongside a friend, he picked up two passengers, unaware of the life-changing event that awaited him. The passengers turned out to be Chadian businessmen, and they unknowingly left behind a fortune—a staggering ₦13 million in both CFA and Naira currency.

A Moral Compass: Consultation with Family

Auwalu, faced with this unexpected windfall, made a choice that would define his character. Instead of succumbing to temptation or keeping the money for himself, he turned to his family for guidance. His first instinct was to consult his mother, a wise decision that demonstrated his deep-rooted respect for family values.

Family Values Above All

Upon hearing of her son’s discovery, Auwalu’s mother advised him to wait for his father’s return. This simple yet profound act of involving his parents in the decision spoke volumes about the moral fabric of his upbringing. It showcased the strength of the bond between family members and their shared commitment to honesty and integrity.

The Quest to Find the Owner

When his father and uncle returned, they embarked on a mission to find the rightful owner of the lost money. Armed with limited information about the passengers and where they had dropped them off, the odds were stacked against them. Nevertheless, they persevered, reflecting a determination to do what was right, regardless of the outcome.

The Lost & Found Announcement

The turning point in this remarkable journey occurred when Auwalu heard a Lost & Found announcement on Arewa Radio Station in Kano. The voice on the radio seemed to hold the key to reuniting the money with its rightful owner. Without hesitation, Auwalu took down the contact number provided in the announcement.

The Honorable Meeting

Instead of simply handing over the money, Auwalu insisted that they meet at the radio station that had made the announcement. This decision speaks volumes about his commitment to transparency and ensuring that the money returned to its rightful owner without any doubt or ambiguity.

A Lesson in Integrity

Auwalu Salisu’s story is a testament to the fact that riches are not solely defined by monetary wealth. He comes from a home that is financially humble, yet morally rich. In a world often plagued by stories of dishonesty and greed, Auwalu stands as a shining example of the enduring values of honesty, integrity, and respect for family.


The story of Auwalu Salisu, the Keke rider from Kano, teaches us that true wealth is measured by the content of one’s character and the strength of their moral compass. His commitment to honesty and integrity in the face of temptation serves as an inspiration to us all. In a world where materialism often overshadows ethics, Auwalu’s story reminds us that there are still individuals who prioritize values over wealth, proving that moral riches are the most enduring of all.

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