Tips for Success in the Nigerian Army Recruitment Exercise 2023/2024

In this blog post, we will provide valuable tips to help you navigate all the stages of the recruitment exercise and achieve your goal of becoming part of the Nigerian Army.


As the Nigerian Army extends the 86 Regular Recruit Intake for Trades/Non-Tradesmen & Women exercise 2023 from October 20th to 27th, it’s essential to be well-prepared to increase your chances of success.

Harmonize Your Documents

The first crucial step to success in the Nigerian Army recruitment exercise is ensuring that all your documents align seamlessly. This means that your date of birth and name arrangement on your educational certificates should match those on your BVN, NIN, and your date of birth certificate or declaration of age certificate. Discrepancies in these details can lead to disqualification, so it’s imperative to get this right.

Get Proper Information and Guidance

Before applying, make sure you thoroughly understand the guidelines for the Nigerian Army recruitment exercise. This exercise is divided into two categories: Tradesmen/Women and Non-Tradesmen/Women, each with its own set of requirements.


These are candidates with additional qualifications beyond an O’level certificate, typically between the ages of 20 and 28. Examples include carpenters, tailors, welders, and individuals with relevant skills. Candidates in this category must provide proof of their trades. It’s important to note that they may have higher age requirements, and a significant number of them are usually accepted.


These are typically younger candidates, secondary school graduates without additional qualifications or skills, usually aged between 18 and 25. Understanding which category you belong to is essential as it impacts the specific requirements and age limits you must meet.

Application Matters

When applying for the Nigerian Army recruitment exercise, take the process seriously. Submit your online application personally or with meticulous scrutiny. Reports have shown that errors made by cyber cafe attendants can lead to the inclusion of incorrect information, which may result in disqualification. Be responsible for your application to ensure its accuracy.

Pre-Medical Examination

Prospective candidates should consider undergoing a pre-medical examination. This step can help identify and address any underlying medical conditions beforehand. It is crucial to be in good health, as the army has strict health standards for its recruits. Correcting any medical issues before the recruitment exercise can significantly enhance your chances of success.

Follow Instructions Religiously

Finally, at the screening venue, always adhere to the instructions provided. The Nigerian Army values obedience, and failing to comply with instructions can lead to your disqualification. Pay close attention to details, arrive on time, and follow orders to the letter. This not only reflects your discipline but also increases your chances of being selected.


Success in the Nigerian Army recruitment exercise requires meticulous planning and adherence to specific guidelines. By harmonizing your documents, understanding the requirements for your category, submitting your application carefully, and following medical recommendations, you can significantly increase your chances of becoming part of the esteemed Nigerian Army.

Remember, obedience and discipline are values cherished by the army, so demonstrate them throughout the process to stand out as a deserving candidate. Good luck in your pursuit of a fulfilling military career!

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