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Inception and Vision

Microblog.com.ng, founded on January 28, 2023, by the visionary Nigerian blogger Abdussalam Abubakar, stands as a beacon of reliable information. The platform was established with the aim of delivering accurate and up-to-date content across various categories that hold significance in our daily lives.

Diverse Content Categories

Microblog has diverse content categories which include:

  1. Education: Microblog.com.ng recognizes the importance of education in shaping societies. Through dedicated sections, it provides valuable insights, updates, and resources to assist individuals in their educational pursuits.
  2. Job Updates: In a world where employment is crucial, Microblog addresses the need for timely and relevant job updates. Whether it’s career advice, job listings, or industry trends, users can find a wealth of information to enhance their professional lives.
  3. Loan and Grant: Understanding the financial challenges individuals face, Microblog.com.ng provides insights into loans and grants. It serves as a guide, offering valuable information on financial assistance opportunities, helping users to explore various options.
  4. Politics and Current Affairs: Microblog sees the importance of staying informed about the political issues and current affairs. With in-depth analysis and unbiased reporting, it keeps its audience updated of the latest developments.
  5. Technology: In the rapidly evolving world of technology, Microblog.com.ng serves as a reliable source for tech enthusiasts. From gadget reviews to updates on emerging technologies, it caters to a diverse audience eager to stay at the forefront of innovation.

Commitment to Quality

At Microblog.com.ng, quality is non-negotiable. The platform takes pride in publishing content that not only covers the breadth of its chosen categories but also ensures accuracy and reliability. Every piece of information is backed by credible references, creating and ensuring a culture of trust among its users.

Contacts and Address

Microblog.com.ng is grounded in the heart of Zamfara State, Nigeria, located at Number 100, Opposite School for Special Education, Tudunwada, Gusau. The platform welcomes interaction through various channels, including phone at +2347062833116, email at gidanbage11@gmail.com, and on Facebook at facebook.com/salamwap.

Editorial Team

Abdussalam Abubakar

Abdussalam Abubakar

The driving force behind Microblog.com.ng is its dedicated editorial team, led by founder and CEO Abdussalam Abubakar. His expertise in social media trends and digital marketing, coupled with many years of blogging experience, ensures the platform’s relevance and vitality.

Hemes El-Jaunt

Hemes El-Jaunt, a seasoned professional blogger and Economist, brings over a decade of successful blogging experience to the team. His proficiency extends to political analysis, making him a valuable asset in providing insightful content. Additionally, his expertise in blog services and survey platforms enhances the overall quality of Microblog’s offerings.

Final Note

Microblog.com.ng stands as a testament to the vision of Abdussalam Abubakar and the expertise of its editorial team. By consistently delivering reliable and diverse content, the platform has carved its niche as a go to source for those seeking accurate information in the fields of education, job updates, financial assistance, politics, and technology.