Alfurqan Science Academy Students Among Top 24% in UTME" - EO Appreciates Proprietress" - Microblog

Alfurqan Science Academy Students Among Top 24% in UTME” – EO Appreciates Proprietress”

This blog post covers the remarkable success story of Alfurqan Science Academy’s students in the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and the heartfelt appreciation expressed by the school’s Examination Officer in a touching letter to the school Proprietress, showcasing the collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence that define the Alfurqan Science Academy community.


Alfurqan Science Academy Gusau proudly celebrates the outstanding success of its students in the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of the school’s dedicated staff, motivated students, and the generous support of the school proprietress.

Through initiatives such as free extramural lessons, comprehensive computer-based training (CBT), and general computer education, the school has empowered its graduating class to excel beyond expectations.

A Community-driven Approach to Education

At Alfurqan Science Academy, education extends beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. Recognizing the importance of holistic development, the school has embraced a community-driven approach to education. By providing free extramural lessons, students receive additional support and guidance to reinforce their understanding of key subjects. These sessions not only enhance academic performance but also foster a deeper appreciation for learning.

Moreover, the school’s commitment to equipping students with essential digital skills is evident through its comprehensive computer-based training program. In today’s increasingly digitized world, proficiency in technology is essential for success in various fields. Through hands-on training and practical exercises, students at Alfurqan Science Academy are not only prepared for academic examinations but also for the demands of the modern workforce.

A Culture of Support and Encouragement

Central to the success of Alfurqan Science Academy is its culture of support and encouragement. The school proprietress’ strong commitment to the academic excellence of every student has played a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape of the institution. Through her generous sponsorship of initiatives such as free CBT training and general computer education, she has provided students with the tools they need to succeed.

The Students’ exceptional performance in the 2024 UTME

The exceptional performance of the students from Alfurqan Science Academy in the 2024 UTME is truly remarkable, especially considering the national trend of lower scores reported this year. According to JAMB statistics, only 24% of students nationwide scored above 200, highlighting the significant achievement of the students from Alfurqan Science Academy who not only surpassed this threshold but also achieved scores way higher than that.

The fact that a substantial proportion of the school’s students achieved scores well above the national average is a testament to the effectiveness of the school’s holistic approach to education, which prioritizes comprehensive preparation, personalized support, and the cultivation of critical thinking skills.

It also speaks volumes about the commitment and dedication of the school’s educators, who have gone above and beyond to ensure that students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in their examinations and beyond.

The Students’ 2024 UTME Results

Below are just a few glimpses among many of the students’ portraits alongside their remarkable scores achieved in the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

Heartfelt Appreciation by the School’s Examination Officer

Lukman Lawal – the School’s Examination Officer

In light of the remarkable success achieved, which is undoubtedly a testament to the tireless efforts of the school’s proprietress, the esteemed Examination Officer, Comrade Lukman Lawal Orbana, took it upon himself to compose a heartfelt letter of appreciation to express gratitude to the proprietress. Below are the content of the letter;

Dear Proprietress, Al-Furqan Science Academy

I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation for your extraordinary generosity in funding the JAMB and CBT training for the students of Alfurqan Science Academy.

Your encouragement and support for JAMB and CBT training have undoubtedly played a significant role in helping students achieve high scores. Your unwavering commitment to their academic success has made a remarkable difference in their lives.

Your decision to single-handedly cover all the training and CBT fees reflects your dedication to providing the best educational opportunities for our students. Thanks to your support, they were able to receive comprehensive preparation and achieve high scores, opening doors to brighter futures.

The impact of your kindness and investment in their education cannot be overstated. Your leadership and generosity inspire us all to strive for excellence and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

By fostering an environment where students can excel academically through comprehensive preparation, you are shaping the future leaders of tomorrow. Your commitment to their success does not go unnoticed, and I am truly grateful for all that you do.

In addition, I want to extend my gratitude to the dedicated staff and management of Alfurqan Science Academy. Their unwavering commitment and dedication to nurturing the students’ growth and development are truly commendable.

Thank you for your visionary leadership and for creating an environment where students can thrive and excel. Your impact is felt deeply by all, and we are incredibly grateful for your ongoing support.

With sincere appreciation,

Lukman Lawal, Examination Officer Alfurqan Science Academy.


The success of Alfurqan Science Academy students in the 2024 UTME is a testament to the power of community support, dedication, and a holistic approach to education. Through initiatives such as free extramural lessons, comprehensive CBT training, and general computer education, the school has empowered its students to reach new heights of academic excellence.

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, let us continue to champion the importance of education and invest in the future success of our students.

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