Apply Now: Nigerian Army Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) 2024

Are you a Nigerian citizen aspiring to serve your country as a Commissioned Officer in the Nigerian Army? The Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) is now open for applications, welcoming both civilians and serving military personnel.

Corps and Services Overview

ApplIcations should be restricted to any of the following corps and services:

Nigerian Army Engineer

Nigerian Army Engineers are pivotal in military infrastructure development, specializing in fields like land surveying, structural engineering, and GIS. They play a special role in combat support, disaster response, and continuous innovation. The specifications for this category are;

  • Eligibility: BSc (Eng), B Eng (Second Class Lower) or HND (Lower Credit) in areas such as Land Surveyor, Structural Engineering, Architecture, and more.
  • Requirements: Registration with the Nigerian Society of Engineers and Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) or regulating professional bodies.

Nigerian Army Signals

The Nigerian Army Signals is a branch responsible for communication and information systems within the Nigerian Army. They play an important role in maintaining secure and efficient communication channels, employing advanced technologies to support military operations and coordination.

What you need to apply into this category:

  • Eligibility: BSc, B Tech, or HND (Lower Credit) in fields like Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Cyber Security, and more.
  • Requirements: Diverse expertise including UAV Pilot, Database Management, and Telecommunications Engineering.

Nigerian Army Intelligence Corps

The Nigerian Army Intelligence Corps plays its role by safeguarding national security, conducting intelligence operations, and providing vital information for strategic decision-making.

The corps’ specifications are:

  • Eligibility: BSc, B Eng, B Tech, or BA (Second Class Lower) or HND (Lower Credit) in various fields, from Linguistics to Cyber/Network Security.
  • Requirements: Specializations like Data Science, Psychology, and expertise in different languages are valued.

Nigerian Army Medical Corps

The Nigerian Army Medical Corps plays it’s role in safeguarding the health of military personnel. Committed to providing medical support, they ensure the physical well-being of soldiers through healthcare services.

Below are their specifications:

  • Requirements: Varied qualifications for Medical Consultants, Medical Doctors, Nurses, and Professionals Allied to Medicine.
  • Specifics: Proof of registration with professional bodies, practicing license, and age restrictions apply.

Nigerian Army Ordnance Corps

The Nigerian Army Ordnance Corps is a component of Nigeria’s military, specializing in the maintenance and supply of weaponry, equipment, and ammunition.

Their own set of specifications are:

  • Eligibility: BSc, B Eng, BA (Second Class Lower) or HND (Lower Credit) in areas such as Textile Technology, Explosives Engineering, and Warehouse Management.
  • Expertise: Skills in Graphics Art, Ballistics, and Explosive Science are sought after.

Nigerian Army Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

The Nigerian Army Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (NAEME) play a crucial role in ensuring the operational readiness of the military. Specializing in maintaining and repairing equipment, NAEME contributes significantly to the Nigerian Army.

NAEM needs the following:

  • Eligibility: B Eng, BSc (Eng) (Second Class Lower) or HND (Lower Credit) in fields including Automotive, Electronics, and Industrial/Production Engineering.
  • Validation: Registration with the Nigerian Society of Engineers and COREN is required.

Nigerian Army Corps of Military Police

The Nigerian Army Corps of Military Police (NACMP) is responsible in maintaining discipline and order within the military. Responsible for law enforcement, investigations, and ensuring soldiers adhere to regulations.

To apply into this corps, applicants must meet the following specificstions:

  • Eligibility: LLB BL, BSc, BA (Second Class Lower) or HND (Lower Credit) in Forensic Science, Psychology, Veterinary Doctors, or Criminology

Nigerian Army Education Corps

The Nigerian Army Education Corps plays a special role in enhancing educational standards within the military.

Applicants for this category should take note of the following:

  • Eligibility: BSc (Ed) or BA (Ed) Second Class Lower degree in diverse fields from Mathematics to Political Science.
  • Proof: Registration with professional regulatory bodies is mandatory.

Nigerian Army Finance Corps

The Nigerian Army Finance Corps is important in managing financial matters within the military. Responsible for budgeting, accounting, and financial planning.

Applicants that are ready to apply into this category should take note of the following:

  • Eligibility: BA (Second Class Lower) or HND (Lower Credit) in Accounting, Economics, Banking and Finance.
  • Professional Qualification: ICAN, ANAN, ACMA, ACCA, ACA registration is compulsory.

Nigerian Army Band Corps

The Nigerian Army Band Corps is a component of the military, contributing to national pride and unity through musical performances. Beyond entertainment, they often perform in official ceremonies, fostering a sense of patriotism.

The specifications for this role are:

  • Eligibility: BA (Second Class Lower) degree or HND Lower Credit in Music with ARAM and ARCM, Musicologist qualifications.

Directorate of Army Public Relations

The Directorate of Army Public Relations (DAPR) has the responsibilities of fostering communication between the army and the public. Responsible for disseminating information, managing media relations, and promoting a positive image.

For DAPR, the following specifications must be met with:

  • Eligibility: BSc, BA (Second Class Lower) or HND (Lower Credit) in Journalism, Mass Communication, and related fields.
  • Membership: Evidence of membership in a professional body related to media operation is required.

Directorate of Legal Service

The Directorate of Legal Services typically oversees legal matters within the Nigerian Army. Its responsibilities include providing legal advice, drafting and reviewing contracts, handling disputes, and ensuring compliance with laws.

The specifications for this corps are:

  • Eligibility: LLB BL from a recognized institution with a minimum of 2 years post Law School legal practice.

Directorate of Army Physical Training

The Directorate of Army Physical Training plays it’s role in enhancing the physical fitness and overall well-being of the military personnel. It develops and implements training programs.

These are the specifications for this post:

  • Eligibility: BSc or BA (Second Class Lower) or HND (Lower Credit) in areas such as Sports Law, Physiotherapy, and Sports Psychology.
  • Certification: Sports Coaching certification from the National Institute of Sports is essential.

Directorate of Chaplain Services (Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Islamic Affairs)

The Directorate of Chaplain Services oversees spiritual support in military settings, addressing. It ensures that service members have access to religious guidance, having a sense of community and resilience in challenging environments.

This corps has the following specifications:

  • Requirements: Varied qualifications depending on the denomination, including theological degrees and proof of ordination.

Entry Requirements

Before you embark on this journey, it’s important to understand the entry requirements that will pave the way for your service. Here are the prerequisites that aspiring officers must meet:

  1. Nigerian Citizenship: As a fundamental requirement, applicants must be Nigerian citizens as defined by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  2. Age Limit: Prospective candidates should fall within the age bracket of 20 to 30 years. Notably, medical consultants have a broader window, with an age range of 25 to 40 years by April 2024.
  3. Health Standards: Candidates must undergo thorough medical, mental, and physical evaluations.
  4. Good Character Attestation: Applicants must be recommended and attested to by at least two recognizable referees.
  5. Institutional Attestation: A letter of attestation from the applicant’s former institution is also a prerequisite
  6. Height Requirement: For male applicants, a minimum height of 1.68m is mandated, while female applicants must measure at least 1.65m.
  7. Legal Clean Slate: Candidates must not have any criminal convictions.
  8. Educational Qualifications: A minimum of a first degree with not less than Second Class Lower Division or HND (where applicable) from an accredited institution is required.
  9. Birth Certificate and State of Origin: A valid birth certificate or age declaration and a certificate of state of origin are mandatory.
  10. NYSC Discharge or Exemption: Applicants must possess an NYSC discharge certificate or a valid exemption certificate.

Other Requirements Include:

  1. Recent Academic Credentials: Only post-secondary academic credentials obtained from 2014 to date will be considered.
  2. Professional Registration: Graduates with professional qualifications must be duly registered by relevant regulating bodies recognized by Nigerian Laws at the commencement of cadet training.
  3. Contact Information: Applicants must provide valid contact addresses and telephone numbers for parents/guardians and Next of Kin.
  4. Tattoo and Inscription Policy: Candidates must not have any bodily inscriptions or tattoos.
  5. Cult/Society/Fraternity Affiliation: Candidates must not belong to any cult, society, or fraternity.
  6. Swimming Ability: Candidates with the ability to swim will have an added advantage.

Application Period

Applications are to be made online from 19 January 2024 to 23 February 2024.

Application guide as released by the Nigerian Army

How to Apply

  1. Visit the NA webpage at and choose the DSSC option.
  2. Read the qualification criteria for the ongoing DSSC courses.
  3. Click on the “Apply Now” button for the DSSC as per your qualification and Corps of choice.
  4. Fill out the form and upload required documents. In

Closing Date

The application portal is now open and all applications must be submitted online by 23 February 2024.

Contact Information

For further inquiries, call 08179269294 or 08109959294 between 0800 -1800 hours (8 am – 6 pm) daily.

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