Breaking: Comr Abubakar Galadima Emerges Victorious as FAZAMSS President

Comr Abubakar Galadima also known as “AbGal”, a dedicated fourth-year Computer Science student at the Federal University Gusau has secured a befitting victory in the just-concluded election for the President of the Federated Association of Zamfara State Students (FAZAMSS). Galadima’s victory, with an impressive 187 votes, stands as a testament to his popularity and the confidence students have placed in his leadership abilities.

The Election Victory

The election took place on Tuesday, December 26, 2023, at the Trade Fair Complex in Gusau, where students gathered for the eagerly anticipated general election. Galadima’s opponent, Hassan Ahmad, faced tough competition as the results were revealed, with Galadima securing a commanding 187 votes compared to Ahmad’s 26.

Comr Abubakar Galadima: The Gusau Pride

Comr Abubakar Galadima, hailing from Gusau, has not only demonstrated academic excellence in his pursuit of a degree in Computer Science but has also showcased exceptional leadership qualities. His victory reflects the trust and support he has garnered from his peers and fellow students in Zamfara State.

Galadima’s Vision for FAZAMSS

Galadima’s election victory brings with it a fold of expectations and anticipation for positive change within FAZAMSS. As the newly elected President, he is ready to implement a visionary plan of action aimed at enhancing the overall experience of Zamfara State students. This includes initiatives focused on academic support, extracurricular activities, and community engagement.

Galadima’s Inclusive Approach

One of the distinguishing features of Galadima’s campaign was his commitment to inclusivity. He advocated for unity among students, stressing the importance of collaboration and understanding among diverse groups. With this inclusive approach, Galadima aims to create a FAZAMSS that truly represents the interests and concerns of all Zamfara State students.

Challenges Ahead

While celebrating his victory, Galadima remains aware of the challenges that lie ahead. From addressing academic issues to fostering a sense of belonging among students, he recognizes the diverse nature of his responsibilities. Galadima has already outlined plans to work closely with the student body and relevant stakeholders to overcome these challenges effectively.

Preparation for Office

With the landslide victory, Comr Abubakar Galadima is gearing up to assume office as the President of the Federated Association of Zamfara State Students (FAZAMSS) in just two weeks. The anticipation is loudable, and hundreds of students, well-wishers, and even the outgoing president, Sama’ila S. Fola, are rallying behind Galadima as he prepares to take the mantle of leadership.

Beyond Zamfara State Borders

Galadima’s victory extends far beyond the borders of Zamfara State. It represents a unifying moment for all Nigerian students and serves as a beacon of hope for positive change in student leadership across the nation. The significance of this victory lies not only in the numbers but in the promise of a leader who can go beyond local boundaries and relate with students on a broader scale.

Galadima’s Inauguration Beckons Progress

As the countdown to Galadima’s inauguration begins, students are optimistic about the prospect of a new chapter for FAZAMSS. Galadima’s pledge to prioritize the interests of students and implement progressive initiatives has captured the imagination of many. The anticipation is not limited to Zamfara State alone; it extends to the broader community of Nigerian students who see in Galadima a leader with the potential to effect positive change.

Galadima’s Promise to All Nigerian Students

Galadima’s victory reiterated his commitment to representing not only Zamfara State students but also the interests of students across Nigeria. His promise to foster collaboration and address common challenges faced by students in the broader student community, sparking hope for a more unified and empowered student body.


As Comr Abubakar Galadima readies himself to assume office, the excitement is contagious. Beyond the boundaries of Zamfara State, this victory is celebrated as a triumph for all Nigerian students. Galadima’s leadership journey is set to leave a permanent mark, setting a precedent for student leaders to embrace inclusivity, accountability, and a commitment to positive change.

The countdown to his inauguration is not just a countdown for Zamfara State; it’s a countdown to a new era of impactful student leadership that is loudable throughout the nation.

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  1. I’m very happy for my brother . My advice to comrade abubakar is never give up ⬆️.And want him to know this is the first step to success, so never stop and also keep trying ur best sir. Congratulations once again my brother, ma friend


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