FAZAMSS to Honor Governor Dauda Lawal as “The Uncommon Liberator”

In a remarkable move, the Federated Association of Zamfara State Students (FAZAMSS) is gearing up to bestow the title of “The Uncommon Liberator” upon His Excellency Dr. Dauda Lawal, the Executive Governor of Zamfara State.

According to the FAZAMSS inauguration Chairman, Comr. Lukman Lawal, this honor comes as a result of the governor’s efforts in the rescue mission of Zamfara State and the instrumental role in adding value to education, which showcased his commitment to fostering a harmonious educational environment.

FAZAMSS inauguration Chairman, Comr. Lukman Lawal.

The Genesis of the Award

Governor Dauda Lawal is set to receive the prestigious title of “The Uncommon Liberator” from FAZAMSS due to his total commitment and tireless efforts in rapidly elevating the status of Zamfara State since assuming office.

His quick and effective initiatives have showcased a dedication to fostering positive change within the state, making him a deserving recipient of this distinguished award.

Defining the Uncommon Liberator

The term “Uncommon Liberator” refers to an individual who, in a short span, liberates others from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression, or releases and removes obstacles from a fixed position.

Governor Dauda Lawal, in assuming office, has exemplified these qualities through numerous projects and initiatives aimed at uplifting the well-being of the citizens in Zamfara State.

Governor Dauda Lawal’s Swift Achievements

Within a relatively short period, Governor Dauda Lawal has embarked on a multitude of projects that have significantly impacted various sector in Zamfara State. Here are just a few projects from the hundreds of projects already in progress:


  1. Upgrading Institutions: Governor Dauda Lawal has kick started a multitude of projects that have significantly impacted the education sector in Zamfara State. These initiatives include the construction of new classrooms, provision of learning materials, and the enhancement of educational infrastructure across various institutions.
  2. Clearing WAEC and NECO Debts: Governor Dauda Lawal’s financial stewardship is noteworthy, as demonstrated by the successful clearance of debts inherited from the past administration. Specifically, the settlement of the N1.8 billion owed to the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and the N1.6 billion owed to the National Examinations Council (NECO) exhibits responsible governance.
  3. Community Engagement: Governor Lawal has actively engaged with local communities, pointing out the importance of education and its role in shaping a brighter future for Zamfara State. His commitment to empowering students with the tools they need to succeed has been evident in various skill development programs and scholarship opportunities initiated under his leadership.
  4. Building Bridges with Student: The strong reason that solidified Governor Lawal’s candidacy for the “Uncommon Liberator” title was his proactive approach in resolving leadership disputes within FAZAMSS. By fostering open dialogue and creating a platform for a transparent democratic solutions, the governor facilitated a smooth transition towards a more united and focused student leadership.

Gusau Township Roads

In a much needed stride towards urban development, Governor Dauda Lawal of Zamfara State recently flagged off the construction of Gusau township roads. This monumental project which is part of the administration’s urban renewal initiative, comes with a price tag of N4.1 billion, attesting the governor’s commitment to fulfilling campaign promises and enhancing the state’s infrastructure.

The press statement from the Governor’s spokesperson, Sulaiman Bala Idris, explains that the road construction spans 3.5 kilometers, encompassing junction improvements and drainage systems.

The construction of Gusau township roads.

Fulfilling Campaign Promises

Governor Lawal’s commitment to building more roads aligns with his campaign promises to modernize and maintain existing infrastructure. The initiation of phase one of the urban renewal project shows his readiness and dedication to translating electoral pledges into tangible improvements for the citizens of Zamfara.

As the construction progresses, it is expected to not only enhance transportation within Gusau but also stimulate economic activities and uplift the overall living standards of the residents.

Community Protection Guard

The prevailing issue of insecurity in Zamfara State has always been the greatest issue to Governor Dauda Lawal. Taking decisive action, the governor inaugurated the Community Protection Guard a tangible proof to his commitment to safeguarding the lives and property of Zamfara’s citizens.

The initiative involves the training of thousands of locals to tackle banditry in their respective areas. By empowering communities to actively participate in their own security, Governor Lawal aims to create a more resilient and secure environment.

Community Protection Guard in concluding stages of their training

FADAMA III Project to Empower Zamfara’s Farmers

Governor Dauda Lawal has recently inaugurated the FADAMA III Project, aimed at distributing agricultural assets to 100,000 farmers across the state. This initiative reflects the governor’s multifaceted approach to development, noting the vital role agriculture plays in the economic prosperity of Zamfara.

By providing essential assets and support to farmers, Governor Lawal is not only fostering self-sufficiency but also contributing to the overall growth of the agricultural sector.

Governor Dauda Lawal inaugurating the FADAMA III Project.


As the Federated Association of Zamfara State Students prepares to honor Governor Dauda Lawal as “The Uncommon Liberator,” it is clear that this accolade is not just a recognition of achievements but a celebration of a leader who actively participates in shaping the educational destiny of Zamfara State.

Governor Lawal’s commitment to liberating students and residents from challenges and promoting a conducive learning environment sets a commendable standard for leadership in the realm of education.

The FAZAMSS award serves as a testament to the positive impact his governance has had on the student community and the entire citizens of Zamfara, making him a true “Uncommon Liberator.”

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