N-Power Backlog Glitches Finally Resolved: Payments Set to Begin Soon

The Ministry for Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation announced the resolution of the long-standing N-Power stipends backlog, marking Dr. Better Edu’s 100 days in office.


In a much-anticipated announcement, the Ministry for Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation has confirmed that the long-standing N-Power stipends backlog is finally being addressed.

This revelation comes as part of the celebration of Dr. Better Edu’s 100 days in office as the minister, marking a potential turning point in the long-waited resolution of payment issues.

The Announcement

The breakthrough news was disseminated through the ministry’s official Facebook page on November 29, 2023. The statement, issued in celebration of Dr. Better Edu’s 100 days in office, brings a sense of relief to N-Power beneficiaries who have been eagerly awaiting their stipends for the past nine months.

This development also puts the spotlight on the minister’s ability to fulfill promises made to the beneficiaries.

The Announcement was Made During the Celebrations of Dr. Better Edu’s 100 days in office

The Social Media Buzz

The N-Power 9-month stipends backlog has been a hot topic on social media platforms, with beneficiaries expressing their frustrations and concerns.

Over the last two months, the ministry had promised to settle all outstanding payments in November. However, as the month is drawing to a close, skepticism has grown among beneficiaries regarding the feasibility of this promise.

A Ray of Hope

The recent announcement serves as a ray of hope for the N-Power beneficiaries who have endured financial strains during the prolonged delay in stipends payment. Dr. Better Edu’s tenure has been marked by efforts to address the challenges within the ministry, and resolving the N-Power payment backlog is a significant step in rebuilding trust.

The Notice Serves as a Ray of Hope to the Beneficiaries l

Ministerial Accountability

As all eyes turn towards the young minister, the focus is on whether she can uphold the commitment made in the statement. The minister’s credibility and the reputation of the ministry are at stake, as beneficiaries hope for a swift and transparent resolution to the backlog issue.

The coming days will undoubtedly be crucial in determining the effectiveness of the minister’s leadership and her ability to deliver on promises.

Beneficiaries Expressing their Frustration Prior to the Above Announcement.

In recent days, N-Power beneficiaries have been voicing their dissatisfaction with the handling of the program, leading to a wave of criticism against the young minister, Dr. Better Edu.

This development comes on the heels of the recent announcement regarding the resolution of the N-Power stipends backlog, raising questions about the efficiency of the ministry’s operations.

Outcry and Negative Statement

Several beneficiaries have taken to various platforms to express their frustration, with some going to the extent of creating inflammatory posters and write-ups targeting the image of the minister.

The sentiments expressed highlight the significant impact the delayed stipends have had on the lives of the beneficiaries, with many relying heavily on these payments as their primary source of livelihood.

Outcry and Negative Statements from Beneficiaries

Stipends as a Lifeline

For a considerable number of N-Power beneficiaries, the stipends represent more than just a financial compensation; they are a lifeline that sustains them through daily challenges. The delay in payments has, in their view, plunged them into unexpected hardships, underscoring the crucial role these stipends play in supporting basic needs and responsibilities.

The Stipends Serve as a Lifeline to the Beneficiaries

Questioning the Validation Process

A prevailing sentiment among the dissatisfied beneficiaries revolves around the perceived inefficiency of the validation process. Some have questioned the nature of the verification the minister is overseeing, expressing disbelief that such a process could not be completed within 30 days.

This skepticism adds a layer of complexity to the situation, as beneficiaries seek transparency and accountability in the handling of their crucial stipends.

Call for Urgency and Transparency

As the backlash intensifies, there is a growing demand for the minister to expedite the payment process and provide clear insights into the challenges causing the delay.

Beneficiaries are seeking reassurance that their concerns are being heard and addressed promptly. Transparency in communication from the ministry could play a pivotal role in mitigating the negative sentiment circulating among N-Power beneficiaries.

Ministerial Response and Way Forward

The onus is now on Dr. Better Edu to address the concerns raised by beneficiaries and regain their trust. A well-articulated response from the minister, coupled with concrete actions to expedite the payment process, could turn the tide of dissatisfaction.

It is essential for the ministry to communicate openly about the challenges faced and outline a clear roadmap for resolving the issues at hand.


While the announcement of the resolution of the N-Power stipends backlog initially brought hope, the subsequent backlash from beneficiaries emphasizes the delicate balance between promises made and actions taken.

The minister faces the challenge of not only fulfilling the commitment to payments but also addressing the concerns and frustrations of those who depend on the program for their livelihoods.

As the situation unfolds, the spotlight remains on the young minister’s ability to navigate these challenges and steer the N-Power program toward a more efficient and beneficiary-friendly direction.

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  1. my Question is that’there are mostly beneficieries those that do not pay automatically even at once while they are beneficiery if you where check their dashboard but without paying them completely for the all duration of the programme.so that i want look after them to get their pay this time around

    • Dear Abdullahi Kabir, thank you for your comment. Please note that this blog doesn’t belong to N-Power management. However, if you have any question about the N-Power program call these numbers 092203102, 018888148


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