N-Power Payment Update:The Prolonged Wait

This blog post provides an in-depth update on the N-Power program, focusing on Batch C2 beneficiaries and their 9-month outstanding stipends.


In a highly anticipated update on the N-Power program, particularly for Batch C2 beneficiaries, the last week of November has arrived without the promised resolution of the outstanding stipends. The Honorable Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Dr. Better Edu, had given assurances earlier in the month that the long-awaited payments would be disbursed by November. However, as the month draws to a close, beneficiaries find themselves still in the dark about the fate of their overdue stipends.

Recovery of Funds and Minister’s Assurance

In late September 2023, Minister Edu made a significant revelation, disclosing that N-Power funds, which had been held by a consulting firm for several months, were successfully recovered. This development sparked hope among the beneficiaries of Batch C2, who had been patiently awaiting their stipends for the past nine months. The minister’s commitment to releasing the funds in November was met with optimism, and expectations were high for a timely resolution to the protracted issue.

The Silence and Beneficiary Protests

Despite the initial reassurances, the last week of November has arrived with no official communication from the ministry regarding the disbursement of stipends. Reports have emerged that N-Power Batch C2 beneficiaries, frustrated by the prolonged wait, organized protests to express their disappointment over the owed stipends. The absence of a public response from the minister has only heightened the concerns and frustrations of the beneficiaries.

Social Media Campaign

In an age dominated by social media, beneficiaries have turned to platforms like Facebook and Twitter to voice their grievances. The newly launched campaign, “#Justice_for_N_Power_Batch_C2,” has gained traction, with beneficiaries sharing their experiences and frustrations online.

Some Facebook users have taken to the platform to criticize the ministry’s handling of the situation, accusing it of playing with the emotions of N-Power beneficiaries. One user lamented, “This ministry was created because of NPower in the first place, but now it’s being used for something else.”

Few comments from Facebook users

Impact on Beneficiaries

The delay in the disbursement of stipends has not only financial implications but also emotional and psychological ones for the beneficiaries. Many had relied on these payments for their basic needs, and the prolonged uncertainty has added an extra layer of stress to their lives. The gap between the minister’s promise and the current silence has left beneficiaries feeling neglected and frustrated.

Facts About the Payments

The following are the facts about the N-Power 9 months outstanding stipends payment:

The Minister’s Assurance and Lack of Specifics

Despite the mounting concerns and protests from N-Power Batch C2 beneficiaries, there has been no official communication from the ministry regarding a specific date for the payment of the long-overdue stipends. The only assurance provided by the Honorable Minister was a commitment to making payments in November. The lack of clarity on the timeline has left beneficiaries in a state of limbo, uncertain about when they can expect the financial relief promised by the government.

Instalment Payments and Proper Investigation

Adding a layer of complexity to the situation, the minister announced that the payments would be made in instalments, subject to proper investigation. This stipulation raises questions about the nature of the investigation, potential delays, and the criteria for determining eligibility. While a thorough investigation is essential to address any discrepancies and ensure fairness, the lack of transparency about the process has fueled apprehension among the beneficiaries.

Batch C1 Completes Program – Limited Expectations

In an update that may further dampen the spirits of N-Power Batch C2 beneficiaries, it was revealed that Batch C1 has completed its program. As a result, Batch C1 members are not expected to receive any further payments unless they have outstanding or failed payments that will be reinitiated and processed. This news may disappoint those who were hoping for a swift resolution to their financial challenges.

Recruitment Plans for 2024

Amidst the ongoing uncertainties surrounding stipend payments, there is a glimmer of hope for potential beneficiaries as the ministry announced plans for more recruitments in the year 2024. While this news may offer prospects for those seeking to join the N-Power program, it does little to address the immediate concerns of Batch C2 members awaiting their overdue stipends.

The Future of N-Power and Calls for Transparency

As N-Power Batch C2 beneficiaries grapple with the uncertainty surrounding their stipend payments, the broader question looms over the future of the N-Power program. The lack of clear communication and transparency has fueled frustration among beneficiaries, highlighting the need for more open dialogue between the ministry and those directly impacted by these programs.


As we approach the end of November, N-Power Batch C2 beneficiaries find themselves still waiting for the fulfillment of the minister’s promise to pay their outstanding stipends. The protests and social media campaign reflect the growing frustration and disappointment among the beneficiaries.

It remains to be seen how the ministry will respond to the outcry and whether the long-awaited payments will finally be disbursed. The plight of these beneficiaries serves as a reminder of the broader challenges faced by social intervention programs and the critical need for timely and transparent communication from responsible authorities.

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