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N3.5 Million Up for Grabs – NEF TIEC 2024 Calls for Student Innovators!

This blog post focuses on the upcoming NEF Tertiary Institutions Energy Pitch Challenge 2024, highlighting its significance, application process, and themes. Additionally, it provides insights into the broader mission of NEF in addressing Africa’s energy challenges and previews the hybrid NEF2024 event focused on ‘Energizing Sustainable Industrialization.


The Tertiary Institutions Energy Pitch Challenge (TIEC) 2024, proudly organized by NEF and sponsored by All On, presents a remarkable opportunity for student-led clean energy innovations, awareness, and investments within the higher institution of learning in Nigeria. Building upon the success of its predecessor in 2023, TIEC2024 promises to be a platform for groundbreaking ideas and impactful projects.

What is NEF?

NEF stands for the Nigeria Energy Forum. It is a platform dedicated to capacity building, training, and development for various stakeholders involved in the energy sector. This includes policy makers, business leaders, energy users, professional engineers, and industry experts. NEF aims to bring about collaboration, knowledge exchange, and skill development to address the challenges and opportunities within Nigeria’s energy landscape.

About the 9th NEF TIEC 2024

About the 9th NEF TIEC 2024

The 9th NEF2024 will address this challenge through a hybrid event format. The onsite component will take place on Tuesday, July 9th, at the Mercellina Conference Centre, Along Radisson Hotel, Ikeja GRA, Lagos, Nigeria, while the virtual segment will occur on Thursday, November 21st, via Zoom. The theme for NEF2024 is ‘Energizing Sustainable Industrialization,’ focusing on driving sustainable growth and development in Africa’s industrial sector.


The 2024 edition of TIEC is based on four key themes, each addressing crucial aspects of energy innovation and sustainability:

  • Powering Agribusiness
  • Energizing Healthcare
  • Local Manufacturing
  • Cleaner Production

Eligibility Criteria

To ensure inclusivity and excellence, the following eligibility criteria have been established for participating teams:

  1. Teams must consist of undergraduate or master’s students currently enrolled in tertiary institutions across Nigeria, including universities, polytechnics, technical colleges, and other degree-awarding institutions.
  2. Collaboration across different departments or faculties within an institution is encouraged to foster interdisciplinary innovation.
  3. Each team must be mentored by a faculty or institutional staff member. Additionally, student chapters of professional institutions such as IEEE, NiMechE, NSE, among others, are encouraged to participate.
  4. Gender equity and balance in team composition are strongly encouraged and must be maintained throughout all stages of the project, from ideation to delivery.

Benefits for Participants

Benefits for Participants

Participating in TIEC2024 offers a lot of benefits for student teams:

  1. A share of 3.5 million Naira in USD grants will be awarded to winning teams for piloting or upscaling their project prototypes.
  2. First Prize: 1.5 Million Naira
  3. Second Prize: 1.1 Million Naira
  4. Third Prize: 0.9 Million Naira
  5. Each shortlisted team must be represented by at least two student members, including at least one female and one male, accompanied by a faculty staff member.
  6. Complimentary registration, hotel accommodation, and travel/logistics support will be provided to facilitate full participation in NEF2024 technical sessions, training workshops, networking events, capacity-building sessions, and the Live Pitch Finals scheduled for Tuesday, 9 July 2024, in Lagos.

Ambassadorship and Mentoring

Past TIEC winners are encouraged to serve as ambassadors for the event, playing very important roles in promoting the opportunity across their regions and mentoring upcoming teams. This emphasis on mentorship and knowledge sharing will help inculcate a culture of continuous innovation and collaboration within the clean energy ecosystem.

Application Process

The application process for TIEC2024 is designed to identify and showcase the most promising clean energy innovations from student teams across Nigeria. Here’s a breakdown of the stages involved:

Stage 1: Submission of Pitch Deck

  • Teams are required to prepare and submit a concise Pitch Deck, consisting of a maximum of 7 slides.
  • The Pitch Deck should effectively outline the idea, problem statement, innovation potential, and anticipated impact of the proposed project.
  • This initial stage serves as an opportunity for teams to present their concepts in a clear and compelling manner.

Stage 2: Presentation of Poster

  • Shortlisted entries from Stage 1 will be invited to present a Poster at NEF2023 Day 1.
  • The Poster presentation allows teams to provide a visual representation of their concept, detailing the technical design, delivery plan, and cost/benefit analysis.
  • Through this stage, teams have the chance to engage with attendees and experts, so as to receive valuable feedback and insights to refine their projects further.

Stage 3: Submission of Video Pitch

  • Finalists selected after the Poster presentation will proceed to the final stage, where they are required to submit a 90-second video pitch.
  • The video pitch should succinctly summarize the innovation, highlighting its unique features, potential impact, and scalability.
  • This stage offers finalists the opportunity to showcase their creativity and communication skills, capturing the attention of judges and stakeholders.

Application Deadline

The deadline for submitting applications for TIEC2024 is May 7, 2024. Interested teams are encouraged to submit their Pitch Decks and complete the application process before the specified date to be considered for participation.

Apply Now

Ready to take the first step towards shaping the future of clean energy in Nigeria? Click the link below to submit your application for TIEC2024. Click HERE to Apply

Contact Information

Tickets Info:

  • Name: NEF TEAM
  • Phone: +44 7774582543
  • Email: info(at)thenef..org


  • Name: NEF TEAM
  • Phone: +2347068475258
  • Email: info(at)thenef..org


  • Name: NEF TEAM
  • Phone: +2349090798664
  • Email: info(at)thenef..org

For inquiries regarding tickets, exhibition opportunities, or partnership inquiries, please feel free to reach out to the NEF team using the contact information provided above.


As the Nigeria Energy Forum (NEF) continues to champion clean energy innovation, the Tertiary Institutions Energy Pitch Challenge 2024 emerges as a pillar of hope and progress. With its call for student-led solutions and commitment to sustainable industrialization, NEF2024 encourages the spirit of collaboration and transformation. Participate in shaping a brighter and cleaner future for generations to come. Together, we can make a difference and propel Africa towards attaining sustainable energy.

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