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NPC Has Released a Demo App. For Enumerators. Download Yours and Start Practicing.

The National Population Commission (NPC) is leaving no stone unturned in its pursuit of an accurate Census in 2023. NPC Chairman, Nasir Kwarra, has emphasized the significance of this census, asserting that it will be different from its predecessors, with a strong focus on leveraging high-end technology so as to have data integrity.

Commitment to Accuracy

Kwarra has declared, “No going back” on the census, emphasizing the use of technology to prevent any tampering with figures. He reassures the public that the theory and practice of the census remain consistent, but the technological advancements will eliminate any room for manipulation. He affirms that “Nobody will be counted more than once.”

Embracing Technology

Kwarra emphasizes the accuracy of the upcoming census, attributing it to the technology employed. He states, “Let nobody deceive you, this census will be accurate because the technology we are using cannot be compromised.” The chairman encourages a robust public turnout, emphasizing that the success of the exercise relies on active participation.


To facilitate the meticulous data collection process, the NPC has taken a monumental step by releasing a demo app named “CENSUS PAD.” This app is specifically designed for Enumerators who will play a crucial role in conducting the census. The app is now available for download on the Play Store, and Enumerators are encouraged to begin practicing using it.

Getting Hands-on with “CENSUS PAD”

Enumerators can access the “CENSUS PAD” app on the Play Store to download and initiate their practice sessions. The app promises a user-friendly interface, coupled with cutting-edge technology to streamline the census data collection process.

Accessing the App

To access the app, click on the “OPEN CENSUS PAD” icon to enter the app. The interface is designed to be user-friendly and interactive, covering various aspects of census operations, including ethics, interviewing techniques, and data management.

Click on the “OPEN CENSUS PAD” icon

Interactive Training Modules

Explore the range of interactive modules within the app that cover essential aspects of census operations. These modules include audio-visual content, quiz questions, and feedback mechanisms to ensure thorough understanding of census procedures and protocols.

Interactive training modules of the app.

Real-time Monitoring and Evaluation

The app enables real-time monitoring and evaluation of the training process by NPC officials. This feature allows identification of knowledge gaps, aiding timely support for trainees.

Efficient Training Process

The “CENSUS PAD” app empowers NPC to train a large number of enumerators and supervisors simultaneously. So as to reduce both the cost and time associated with in-person training sessions.

Provisioning Module Functions

Under the provisioning module, the app provides several demo functions essential for the training process:

  • Profile Activation: Confirm and activate your profile as ad-hoc trainee staff.
  • Fetch Enumeration Area and Building: Access lists of enumeration areas and download required datasets for field activities.
  • Fetch Basemap: Download basemaps offline for efficient field preparation.
  • Tablet Profiling and Tagging: Profile and authenticate your device, generating an approved device tag for the exercise.
  • CS Entry Status Check: Verify proper installation of CS Entry in your device for persons’ enumeration.
  • Oath of Secrecy: Read and consent to the census Oath of Secrecy and privacy policies before commencing activities.

Census Task and Goals Module

The second module, “Census Task and Goals,” outlines required post-census tasks and progress across household listings, census night, and census enumeration.

Additional Modules

Explore other modules within the app, such as “Team Coverage/Progress” and “System Configuration,” to provide comprehensive coverage of the census process.


As the NPC strives for an accurate and tamper-proof Census in 2024, the release of the “CENSUS PAD” demo app stands as a testament to their commitment to embracing technology for the benefit of the enumeration process.

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