Npower Update: Payment of Stipends and Account Validation.

This blog post will provide with the update on payment of Npower outstanding stipends and accounts validation for pre-selected candidates. Keep reading!


Npower, a government initiative aimed at empowering Nigerian youths through skill acquisition and job creation, has recently sent messages to pre-selected candidates to validate their account details for payments. Additionally, during the democracy day celebrations on June 12, Npower made a post on their Facebook page to celebrate with beneficiaries.

However, many beneficiaries expressed their dissatisfaction regarding the non-payment of their stipends from January to May. In response, Npower issued an apology and assured beneficiaries that payments would be made soon

Account Validation for Payments

Npower has initiated a process to validate the account details of pre-selected candidates. This action aims to ensure accurate and timely payments to beneficiaries. By sending messages to the pre-selected candidates, Npower seeks to verify their account information, such as bank account numbers, names, and other relevant details. This validation process is crucial in streamlining the payment system and minimizing errors or delays in disbursing stipends to the beneficiaries.

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Democracy Day Celebration On June 12

Npower took the opportunity to celebrate Democracy Day, a significant occasion in Nigeria, with its beneficiaries. The organization utilized its official Facebook page to post a celebratory message, expressing their solidarity and appreciation for the efforts of the beneficiaries. The intention behind this gesture was to acknowledge the contributions of the Npower beneficiaries towards the growth and development of the nation.

Beneficiary Concerns

While Npower’s Democracy Day post aimed to foster a sense of camaraderie and appreciation, many beneficiaries took this opportunity to express their grievances regarding the non-payment of their stipends from January to May. Several beneficiaries commented on the Facebook post, voicing their disappointment and frustration at the delay in receiving their due payments.

Npower’s Response

In response to the beneficiaries’ concerns, Npower promptly acknowledged the issue and issued an apology for the delayed payments. Npower assured the beneficiaries that efforts were underway to rectify the situation and that payments would be made soon. The organization emphasized its commitment to ensuring that every beneficiary receives their rightful stipend.


Npower’s recent actions regarding the validation of account details for payments and the Democracy Day celebration have generated mixed responses among beneficiaries. While the account validation process signifies Npower’s commitment to accuracy and efficiency in payment disbursement, the delayed payments from January to May have understandably caused disappointment and frustration among the beneficiaries. However, Npower’s response to the beneficiaries’ concerns, by apologizing and assuring them of imminent payments, demonstrates the organization’s commitment to resolving the issue promptly.

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  1. Good afternoon npower I everything is well wt u, pls help me of my payments I did everything, test top print but still not benefiary an also sallah is approaching nothing inside both bank account and pocket still jobless we expecting dat payments to start business pls help.

    • Dear Mr. Sanusi, thank you for your comment. But this platform is not owned by Npower management. Better still, you can contact Npower through these numbers 092203102 or 018888148


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