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Open Letter: Comr. Rilwanu Iyal Mafara Appeals to Governor Lawal for Peace and Security in Zamfara.

Comr. Rilwanu Iyal Mafara, the esteemed Zamfara State Coordinator of the Youths and Students’ Alliance, has penned a poignant and urgent letter addressed to the Governor of Zamfara State, His Excellency Dauda Lawal. In this letter, Comr. Mafara articulates the grave concerns shared by the citizens of Zamfara regarding the escalating insecurity within the state, particularly along the Talata Mafara-Gusau road.

With a firm commitment to the welfare of his fellow citizens, Comr. Mafara advocates for decisive action and collaborative efforts to address the pressing security challenges facing Zamfara State. His letter serves as a rallying cry for peace, security, and prosperity in the face of adversity. The letter reads;


3rd April, 2024.

His Excellency, Governor Dauda Lawal PhD,
The Executive Governor of Zamfara State,
Office of the Executive Governor,
Zamfara State Government House,
Gusau, Zamfara State.

Dear Governor Dauda Lawal,


While writing to you on the above subject, it is important to express my heartfelt appreciation for your relentless efforts in addressing the security challenges facing our dear state, particularly the alarming insecurity situation bedeviling Talata Mafara-Gusau axis, where cases of kidnapping have become rampant.

Your Excellency Sir, it is in light of the urgency and the need for immediate action, I deem it important to utilize the fastest means of communication available to reach you, who is responsible for the security apparatus of our dear state. Social media has proven to be a powerful tool in disseminating information quickly and reaching a wider audience. I believed that by leveraging on social media platforms, one can convey his/her concerns directly; bypassing the potential bureaucratic delays involved in traditional communication channels. I therefore, apologize for choosing to air my concerns through this medium.

  • Your Excellency Sir First and foremost, I would like to commend you for your unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the people of Zamfara State and other developmental projects since assuming office as governor in 2023.
  • Your administration’s determination to tackle the security challenges head-on and provide a favorable environment for economic and social development is highly commendable.
  • The establishment of various security outfits and the collaboration with relevant security agencies demonstrate your commitment to the welfare of the people, and we appreciate your commitment to their safety and well-being.
  • The training of Community Protection Guard (Askarawa) and the establishment of Zamfara State Security Trust Fund in the state are steps worthy of commendation. These initiatives demonstrate your proactive approach to tackling the security issues faced by the people of Zamfara State.
  • However, despite the commendable efforts being made, I would like to draw your attention to the persisting security challenges in Zamfara State especially Talata Mafara-Gusau road.
  • The increasing cases of kidnapping along this route have caused significant distress among the residents and travelers who rely on this road for their daily activities.
  • The frequency and audacity of these criminal activities have instilled fear and anxiety, hindering economic growth, and causing immense suffering to the affected individuals and communities. Therefore, the current situation demands urgent attention and intervention from both the state and federal authorities.
  • I understand that you may not have direct control over Nigerian security personnel, I strongly urge you to put forth more effort in addressing the security situation in the state.
  • While I acknowledge that the responsibility for security ultimately lies with the federal government, I believe that as the Governor of Zamfara State, you have a crucial role to play in advocating for increased security measures and coordinating efforts to protect the lives and property of the people you serve.

In light of the above, I respectfully appeal to His Excellency, the Executive Governor to consider the following measures:

  • Strengthen collaboration and coordination with relevant security agencies, both at the federal and state levels.
  • Facilitate regular meetings and information sharing to ensure a comprehensive and unified approach to tackling the security challenges in Zamfara State.
  • Engage with local communities across the state and empower them to actively participate in their own security.
  • Establish community policing initiatives, encourage dialogue, and promote conflict resolution mechanisms to foster trust and cooperation between the people and security agencies.
  • Enhance intelligence-gathering capabilities within the state to gather timely and actionable information on criminal activities. This will enable security agencies to respond proactively and preemptively to security threats.
  • Engage with the federal government and relevant stakeholders to advocate for increased security presence and resources in Zamfara State.
  • Highlight the urgent need for additional security personnel, equipment, and training to effectively combat criminal elements.
  • Promote socio-economic development programs aimed at addressing the root causes of insecurity in Zamfara State. By providing job opportunities, education, and infrastructure development, you can contribute to the reduction of vulnerabilities that lead to criminal activities.
  • I understand the challenges you face in addressing the security situation, but I firmly believe that with increased effort, collaboration, and advocacy, significant progress can be made in ensuring the I understand the challenges you face in addressing the security situation, but I firmly believe that with increased effort, collaboration, and advocacy, significant progress can be made in ensuring the safety and well-being of the people of Zamfara State. and well-being of the people of Zamfara State.
  • I kindly request that you keep the citizens of Zamfara informed about the steps being taken to address the security challenges. Open communication and transparency will foster trust and confidence in your leadership, as well as provide reassurance to the people that their concerns are being heard and addressed.
  • I humbly appeal to both of you to prioritize the restoration of peace and security, join forces and deploy all necessary resources to address the security crisis in Zamfara State. The citizens of Zamfara are looking up to you as their leaders to protect their lives and property and ensure their well-being.
  • By taking decisive action in addressing the root causes of insecurity in Zamfara State, you will demonstrate your commitment to the security and well-being of all Nigerians.

Once again, I express my gratitude for your dedication and commitment to the welfare of the good people of Zamfara State. I am confident that, with your leadership and collective efforts, Zamfara State will overcome these security challenges, restoring peace and prosperity to our beloved citizens.

While counting on you for your attention to this urgent matter, I remain hopeful that, with your decisive actions, peace, security, and development will be restored to Zamfara State.

Yours sincerely,

Comr. Rilwanu Iyal Mafara
Zamfara State Coordinator Youths and Students’ Alliance

Summary of the Open Letter

The open letter addresses the escalating insecurity in Zamfara State, particularly along the Talata Mafara-Gusau road, appealing to Governor Dauda Lawal for urgent intervention. While commending the governor’s efforts, it emphasizes the persistence of insecurity and proposes measures to address it, including strengthening collaboration with security agencies, empowering local communities,empowering local communities, advocating for increased federal support, and addressing root causes through socio-economic development. It calls for decisive action to restore peace and security in the state, emphasizing the importance of timely intervention to safeguard the well-being of Zamfara’s residents.


Governor Dauda Lawal holds the key to restoring peace and security in Zamfara State. By taking decisive action and implementing the suggested measures, he can instill hope and confidence in the hearts of the people and pave the way for a brighter and safer future for all residents.

As citizens of Zamfara State, we stand united in our quest for peace, security, and prosperity. We call upon Governor Dauda Lawal to heed our plea and act swiftly to quell the tide of violence and restore the tranquility that once defined our beloved state.

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