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See the Reasons Behind Better Edu’s Suspension, the Last One Will Shock You.

President Bola Tinubu’s decision to suspend Minister Better Edu has been the talk of the day across Nigeria, sparking a debate on corruption and accountability in the government. Let’s review the top reasons behind this significant decision.

How the Allegations Started

The controversy surrounding Better Edu began with allegations of corruption, specifically involving a money scandal within the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation. The public outcry gained momentum, forcing President Tinubu to address the issue promptly.

The suspension directive, issued on January 8, 2024, is a swift response to mounting pressure and concerns about financial misconduct within the minister’s jurisdiction.

The Minister of Information’s statement further fueled the fire, which shows the severity of the accusations against Better Edu. The public’s trust in the government’s handling of funds designated for humanitarian aid and poverty alleviation was at stake and calls for a decisive action.

EFCC’s Involvement

President Tinubu’s spokesperson, Mr. Ajuri Ngelale, released a statement instructing the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to conduct a thorough scrutiny of Better Edu’s financial dealings. This is to ensure transparency and accountability, with the aim of knowing the truth behind the allegations.

The involvement of the EFCC is an indication of the government’s determination to address corruption head-on. The nation awaits the outcome of the investigation, expecting a comprehensive report that will either validate or dispel the accusations against Better Edu.

The Reasons Behind the Suspension

Here are some of the reasons behind the immediate suspension of the minister:

Transfer of Public Funds into a Private Bank Account

The first and perhaps the most damning reason behind Better Edu’s suspension centered around the alleged transfer of public funds into a private bank account. This was evident when Better Edu approved the transfer of a substantial sum of 585 million Naira into a private account belonging to Oniyelu Bridget.

The pretext for this transfer was framed as financial empowerment for people with disabilities in Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Lagos, and Ogun States.

The accountant general of the federation, Oluwatoyin Madein, revealed that her office did not comply with the minister’s request, deeming it unlawful.

Better Edu, the youngest minister at 37, clearly denied these allegations, claiming it to be an attempt to tarnish her image and impede her dedication to national service. The gravity of this financial misconduct underlines the necessity of the president’s decisive action.

Misuse of Power on Agencies Under Her Ministry

A second compelling reason contributing to Better Edu’s suspension centers on the misuse of power within agencies under her ministry. Reports indicate that Better Edu, in her capacity as minister, wielded authority inappropriately by withdrawing funds from agency accounts without proper authorization from the heads of such agencies.

This allegation gained popularity in the case of Halima Shehu, the DG NSIPA, who faced suspension due to the minister’s alleged withdrawal of 11 billion Naira without her consent. This misuse of power raises concerns about governance and accountability within the ministry.

Public Misconduct and Misuse of Office

The third reason behind Better Edu’s suspension centers on public misconduct and the misuse of her office. Numerous anti-corruption organizations have raised their voices, urging the president to investigate the minister. One of their concerns was the unauthorized transfer of funds to a private account a clear violation of ethical norms in public dealings.

The attention drawn to these ethical violations highlight the need for transparency and adherence to established rules within government agencies.

Approval of Funds for Flight Tickets and Airport Taxis to Kogi—A State With No Airport

The final reason contributing to Better Edu’s suspension involves a shocking revelation of approving funds for flight tickets and airport taxis to Kogi a state with no airport.

The approval is contained in a leaked internal memo that was dated November 6, 2023. In the memo, the national programme manager, requested the total sum of N72,374,500, was titled: ‘The Disbursement Under the 2023 Grant for Vulnerable Groups Programmes in Kogi State, 2023’, and was approved by the minister.

Every member of the minister’s “advanced team” including aides, received the sum of N200,000 for flight tickets, N20,000 for airport taxi, and local running expenses and DTA depending on grade level all amounting to N72,374,500. The sum of N300,000 was earmarked for the minister’s air ticket. However, Kogi state has no airport to its name.


the suspension of Better Edu is based on financial impropriety, misuse of power, ethical violations, and questionable decision-making. As investigations intensifies, the nation awaits clarity on these allegations, hoping for a resolution that reaffirms the principles of accountability and ethical governance within the corridors of power.

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