Students Leadership Controversy: Galadima Secures Victory Again.

On December 26, 2023, the Federated Association of Zamfara State Students (FAZAMSS) conducted an election to determine its new executives. The election resulted in an overwhelming victory for Comr. Abubakar Galadima. However, the celebratory atmosphere took an unexpected turn when the Zamfara State Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology nullified the election later that day, citing a significant misunderstanding between FAZAMSS and another faction, NUZAMSS.

The Misunderstanding

The conflict traces back to the origins of the union. Initially known as the National Union of Zamfara State Students (NUZAMSS), a faction emerged, breaking away and adopting the name Federated Association of Zamfara State Students (FAZAMSS). The separation arose from FAZAMSS accusing NUZAMSS of deviating from the union’s core values. FAZAMSS leveled accusations of ass-licking government officials for personal gain, misappropriation of union funds and properties, and abuse of office, among other grievances.

Simultaneous Conduct of Election

The divide deepened as FAZAMSS decided to conduct its election simultaneously with NUZAMSS, leading to a clash of leadership mandates on December 26, 2023. Both factions contest for control and legitimacy, making the election outcomes to be controversial.

Ministry’s Intervention

The ministry’s intervention in the FAZAMSS and NUZAMSS dispute serves as a much needed action, containing the escalation of the internal issues. The cancellation of Comr. Abubakar Galadima’s initial victory has created an air of uncertainty, questioning the legitimacy of his leadership. The notice issued by the ministry did not only call for a re-election but also mandated the adoption of FAZAMSS as the new union’s name, with operations guided by NUZAMSS’s constitution.

The notice issued by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Zamfara State

A Gesture of Peace

In a kind hearted gesture, the Honorable Commissioner of Education, Zamfara State, Mallam Wadatau Madawaki, took a proactive step toward uniting the two factions. He made a personal donation of One million Naira to help conduct a fresh election. This financial support was intended to carry along all aspirants and to uphold a transparent process in accordance with legal and procedural norms.

The Fresh Election

The eagerly awaited fresh election took place yesterday 30 December, 2023, at ZACAS, marking a new era in the union’s leadership journey. Comr. Abubakar Galadima, undeterred by the previous challenges, once again secured a landslide victory. The election, conducted under the meticulous coordination of Yasir Ibrahim, the Electoral Committee Chairman (ELCOM), stood out for its peaceful and organized proceedings.

Yasir Ibrahim, the Electoral Committee Chairman.

Other key positions within FAZAMSS were duly elected. The offices of Vice President, Secretary-General, and various other crucial positions were filled through a democratic process.

The newly elected president Comr. Galadima having Interview with the press

Transformative Speech by Comr. Umar Mahmud

FAZAMSS’ convener Comrade Umar Mahmud emphasized the student body’s evolution from NUZAMSS, envisioning it as a game-changer for Zamfara indigenous students. Mahmud highlighted FAZAMSS’s commitment to a constitution emphasizing checks and balances, internal dispute resolution, and leadership training.

Notably, FAZAMSS pledges law-abiding conduct, engaging with stakeholders and signing a historic peace accord among aspirants, setting a precedent for unity and collaboration. This approach positions FAZAMSS as a dynamic force in nurturing students’ capacity and fostering positive development.

FAZAMSS’ convener Comrade Umar Mahmud.

Inspirational Speech by Comr. Lukman Lawal

Comr. Lukman Lawal, the Chairman of the Convention Planning Committee, played an important and special role in setting the tone for the fresh start. His captivating speech welcomed and thanked the dignitaries present, pointing out the paramount importance of unity, peace, and progress within the union. Comr. Lukman also outlined plans for impactful projects that would contribute to the betterment of the student community.

Comr. Lukman Lawal, the Chairman of the Convention Planning Committee.

Commendation from Honorable Commissioner

The Honorable Commissioner, Mallam Wadatau, accompanied by the Permanent Secretary and other Directors, expressed satisfaction with the conduct of the fresh election. He commended the students for their commitment to a fair and orderly process. Additionally, he seized the opportunity to remind the student body of the current administration’s initiatives, including provisions for local and international scholarships, school renovations, and the supply of laboratory equipment.

The Honorable Commissioner of Education Zamfara State, Mallam Wadatau Madawaki.

Looking Ahead

As FAZAMSS emerges from the folds of controversy, the student union now stands at a more united path. The re-election and the subsequent support from the ministry of education offer an opportunity for a renewed commitment to unity, progress, and the pursuit of scholarly excellence.

The resilience of Comr. Abubakar Galadima and the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders showcase a promising chapter in the history of FAZAMSS, stressing the importance of strong leadership and collective vision in student organizations.

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