How to Check Your NIN Date of Birth for Free


For some reasons, It’s very common to have the need to check the exact date of birth on your NIN as the DOB is not written on the NIN slip. Most people can not easily remember the exact date of birth they used when enrolling for the NIN as such they keep dangling between NIMC office and banks while others don’t even know how to go about it. Read this blog post till the end in order to learn how to check your the date of birth on NIN from the comfort of your living room.

What is NIN?

The National Identification Number (NIN) is a very important number that is mandated for all Nigerian citizens and legal residents in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The NIN consists of 11 non-intelligible numbers as the unique component of the Nationall ID Card issued after completing of enrollment into the Nigerian National Identity Database (NIDB). The database was designed as key to maintaining security and tied to basic public services for better management and efficiency in the near future.

Also, the National Identity Number (NIN) is a very important number that every citizen of Nigeria should have. So, in a situation where the need to check the date of birth on your NIN that was inputted during the registration, how can you go about it?

How to View the Date of Birth on Your NIN

Step 1: Make sure you have your 11 digits NIN. If you don’t have it dial *346# and follow the prompts to retrieve your NIN

Step 2: Go to Google play store to install NIMC personal ID App. or click this link to install directly

NIMC Mobile ID App. from Google play store

Step 3: Launch the app, skip the intro and input your 11 digits NIN then click NEXT to continue
Step 4: An OTP will be sent to the SIM you used during the NIN enrollment, confirm and proceed to set your PIN. Immediately, it will take you to your dash board

The App’s dashboard

Step 5: Click on show my ID and your DOB will be visible

A sample of the ID card

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