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N-Power To Recruit 5 Million Youths Under Skill Up Nigeria Renew Hope

In this blog post, we will explore the history of Npower, the reasons for its restructuring, and what the future holds for the program.


The Npower program in Nigeria has undergone a significant transformation under the new management, now known as Skill Up Nigeria Renewed Hope. This initiative aims to recruit 5 million youths into the restructured Npower program. This move is seen as a beacon of hope for the nation’s unemployed youth, especially given the challenges the program has faced in the past.

Npower’s Inception

The Npower program was initiated in 2016 during the administration of former President Buhari. Its primary goal was to equip Nigerian youths with employability and entrepreneurship skills. Over the years, it has provided valuable training and support to more than 1 million beneficiaries. However, the program has faced criticism due to management issues and delays in beneficiary payments.

Renewed Hope Under President Tinubu

With President Tinubu’s administration taking the reins, there is newfound hope for the Npower program. The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation has undertaken the task of restructuring the program to restore its lost glory. One significant change is the expansion of the program’s age limit from 35 to 40, making it accessible to a broader range of youth.

Ambitious Goals

The Npower Renewed Hope Skills Up Nigeria Program has set ambitious targets. Their goal is to recruit 5 million beneficiaries over the next 5 years, aiming for an annual intake of 1 million youths under both the graduate and non-graduate streams. This ambitious plan is a clear indication of the government’s commitment to job creation and youth empowerment.

Focus on Beneficiaries

Dr. Betta Edu, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, emphasized that the Npower program’s primary objective is to create jobs and provide support to Nigerian youth. The government aims to make a positive impact on the lives of beneficiaries and alleviate poverty.

Dr. Betta Edu, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation.

Program Audit

To ensure transparency and accountability, the management team is currently conducting an audit of the program. This audit includes assessing the number of program participants, tracking those who have exited, identifying beneficiaries owed payments, and scrutinizing fund utilization. This step is essential in addressing the past challenges and ensuring a more efficient and effective program.

Npower beneciaries

The Road Ahead

While specific details of the recruitment process for the Npower Renewed Hope Skills Up Nigeria Program are yet to be announced, the potential commencement date is set for January 2024. Aspiring beneficiaries should stay tuned for updates on application procedures and eligibility criteria.


The Npower program’s transformation under Skill Up Nigeria Renewed Hope is a promising development for Nigerian youths seeking employment and skill development opportunities. With ambitious recruitment goals, a renewed focus on beneficiaries, and a commitment to transparency, the program aims to usher in a brighter future for millions of Nigerian youths. As we move forward, it is hoped that this initiative will successfully fulfill its mission of creating jobs and empowering the nation’s youth.

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