N-Power Pledges to Settle All Dues as it List Out Reasons for Suspension

In this blog post, we will focus on the key details that you need to know about the N-Power suspension, the reasons behind it, and the management’s plans for the future.


On Thursday, the 12th of October, 2023, N-Power management made a significant announcement on their Facebook official page regarding the temporary suspension of the program. This development has raised numerous questions and concerns among beneficiaries and stakeholders.

The Reason Behind the Suspension

The N-Power management has cited several critical reasons for suspending the program temporarily. These reasons include:

  • Detailed Investigation and Audit: The need for a thorough investigation and audit of the program to ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Proper Monitoring of Beneficiaries: The necessity to monitor the activities of beneficiaries at their assigned locations.
  • Payment Structure for Those Owed: The importance of establishing a proper payment structure to address pending payments.
  • Monitoring Payment Channels: The need to closely monitor payment channels to ensure prompt and effective payments.
  • Accommodating New Programs: The need to restructure and accommodate new programs to enhance the benefits for Nigerians.

Assurances to Beneficiaries

The N-Power management has assured beneficiaries with genuine claims that their concerns will be addressed. They have committed to resolving pending cases once the verification exercise is complete and honoring all outstanding obligations.

Transparency and Accountability

The decision to conduct a detailed investigation and audit demonstrates the commitment of N-Power to transparency and accountability. Beneficiaries and the public can expect a more efficient and accountable program once the suspension is lifted.

Monitoring Beneficiary Activities

Proper monitoring of beneficiaries at their assignment locations is a crucial step to ensure that the program’s objectives are met. This will help in identifying and rectifying any issues or inefficiencies.

Payment Structure Revamp

The establishment of a proper payment structure for beneficiaries who are owed is a positive step. This will provide clarity and reliability in payment processes, ensuring that beneficiaries receive their dues without delay.

Enhancing Payment Channels

Monitoring payment channels is essential for the prompt and effective disbursement of funds. This ensures that beneficiaries receive their stipends without unnecessary delays.

Accommodating New Programs

N-Power’s commitment to restructuring and accommodating new programs signifies a dynamic approach to meet the evolving needs of Nigerians. This flexibility will help address emerging challenges and provide more opportunities for empowerment.

Beneficiaries’ Expectations

Beneficiaries who have been affected by the suspension can look forward to the resolution of their concerns. N-Power’s assurance to honor all outstanding obligations is a promising sign of their commitment to the welfare of the beneficiaries.

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In conclusion, the temporary suspension of the N-Power program is a significant step aimed at addressing various challenges and ensuring the program’s effectiveness and sustainability. The management’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and the welfare of beneficiaries is evident through the measures outlined.

As the investigation, audit, and restructuring processes progress, it is crucial for beneficiaries and stakeholders to stay updated with official announcements from N-Power to be well-informed about the program’s future and their roles in it. This period of suspension represents an opportunity for growth and improvement, and with the right actions and collaboration, N-Power can continue to be a vital force for empowerment in Nigeria.

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