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NASIMS Website Outlook Rearrangement and N-POWER Beneficiaries’ Issues

This blog post provides you with the information on NASIMS portal rearrangement and N-POWER beneficiaries challenges to accessing their dashboard.


The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has recently made significant changes to the outlook of their official website, The new arrangement involves consolidating all the schemes, namely N-POWER, NHGSFP, GEEP, and CCT, onto a single page, allowing visitors to select their preferred program before proceeding.

However, this rearrangement has resulted in certain challenges, particularly for N-POWER beneficiaries, who have been facing difficulties accessing their dashboards since the changes were implemented.

Overview of the NASIMS Website Rearrangement

The NASIMS website has historically served as a platform for various social investment programs initiated by the Nigerian government. Before the recent rearrangement, each program had its separate section on the website. Visitors had to navigate through different pages to access the specific program they were interested in. The restructuring aimed to streamline the user experience by bringing all the schemes onto a single page. This change was intended to simplify the application and login processes for beneficiaries and potential applicants.

Consolidation of Schemes: N-POWER, NHGSFP, GEEP, and CCT

The primary feature of the new NASIMS website is the consolidation of all the social investment schemes onto a single page. Visitors are now presented with a selection interface where they can choose their preferred program from the available options: N-POWER, NHGSFP (National Home-Grown School Feeding Program), GEEP (Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program), and CCT (Conditional Cash Transfer).

This consolidation has the potential to enhance user convenience, reduce confusion, and improve overall efficiency in managing the various programs.

Challenges Faced by N-POWER Beneficiaries

While the new website outlook aims to improve the user experience, it has inadvertently led to difficulties for N-POWER beneficiaries. Several beneficiaries have reported being unable to log in to their dashboards since the rearrangement was implemented. This issue has caused frustration and concern among the N-POWER community.

Outstanding Stipend Payments for N-POWER Batch C2 Beneficiaries

Adding to the challenges faced by N-POWER beneficiaries, those belonging to Batch C2 have not received their stipend payments for the period spanning January to July. NASIMSng, the management body responsible for overseeing the social investment programs, has clarified that the delay in stipend payments is due to a lack of authorization from relevant authorities to disburse the funds.

Proposed Solutions

To address the issues arising from the website rearrangement and the delayed stipend payments, the following solutions are recommended:

1. Technical Support for N-POWER Beneficiaries

NASIMS should promptly provide technical assistance to N-POWER beneficiaries who are encountering login issues. A dedicated support team can help users navigate through the new website interface and resolve any technical glitches that may be hindering their access.

2. Regular Communication and Updates

NASIMS should improve communication with beneficiaries and applicants by providing regular updates on the status of stipend payments and the progress of resolving login issues. Transparency and timely communication can help alleviate anxiety and foster trust among program beneficiaries.

3. Expedite Authorization for Stipend Payments

NASIMSng should work closely with relevant authorities to expedite the necessary approvals for the disbursement of stipends to N-POWER Batch C2 beneficiaries. This will ensure that beneficiaries receive the financial support they are entitled to in a timely manner.

4. User Testing and Feedback Incorporation

To further enhance the website’s usability, NASIMS should conduct user testing and gather feedback from beneficiaries and applicants. This process can help identify any persistent issues and gather valuable insights to improve the website’s design and functionality.


The NASIMS website’s recent outlook rearrangement aimed to streamline user experience by consolidating all social investment schemes onto one page. However, the change has resulted in challenges for N-POWER beneficiaries who have been unable to access their dashboards. Additionally, the delay in stipend payments for N-POWER Batch C2 beneficiaries has further exacerbated the situation.

To address these issues, NASIMS should provide technical support, improve communication with beneficiaries, expedite the authorization for stipend payments, and incorporate user feedback to enhance the website’s usability. By doing so, NASIMS can ensure the efficient and effective implementation of social investment programs and deliver their intended benefits to the Nigerian populace.

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