Npower Batch C Stipend Payment Status and Update.

This blog post will provide you with the update on Npower batch C stipends payment update.


This report aims to provide an update on the current status of stipend payments and to assure recipients that their concerns and complaints have been duly acknowledged and forwarded to the relevant department. While the payment process is still in progress, we remain committed to keeping everyone informed of the latest developments.

Stipend Payment Status:

Recently, NASIMS, the body responsible for the Npower program, provided an update on their Facebook page (@Nasimsng) regarding the ongoing payment of backlog stipends for Batch C 2 beneficiaries. According to the announcement, while beneficiaries await further developments on the payment of their stipends, NASIMS will continue to provide updates on global events and keep them informed.

As of the date of this report (July 3, 2023), stipend payments are still under development. Nasimsng also stated that “we understand the importance of timely payment and recognize the impact it has on individuals relying on these funds. While we acknowledge the frustration caused by the delay, we assure you that we are actively working towards resolving the payment issue”.

The statement further emphasized that the payment process for the backlog stipends is still in progress. Although no specific timeline was mentioned, this reassurance implies that NASIMS is actively working to ensure that the beneficiaries receive their outstanding payments.

Complaint Handling:

On complaint handling Nasimsng stated “We would like to express our gratitude to all individuals who shared their concerns and complaints through the comment section. Our team has diligently extracted and compiled these valuable inputs. Rest assured, all complaints have been forwarded to the appropriate department, which forms an integral part of our duties. We understand the importance of addressing these issues promptly and ensuring a fair and efficient resolution for all parties involved”.

NASIMS also assured beneficiaries that all complaints extracted from the comment section of their Facebook page have been forwarded to the appropriate department. This demonstrates the organization’s commitment to addressing any concerns or issues raised by the beneficiaries, as it is an integral part of their responsibilities.

Communication and Updates:

On this regard Nasimsng stated “We value transparency and recognize the significance of keeping all stakeholders informed. In line with this commitment, we will continue to provide regular updates on the progress of stipend payments. Our aim is to maintain open channels of communication and alleviate any anxieties or uncertainties surrounding this matter. We understand the importance of timely and accurate information and will do our best to ensure it is readily available to all concerned individuals”.

By maintaining open communication through their Facebook page and acknowledging the concerns of the beneficiaries, NASIMS is actively engaging with the program participants. This approach helps foster transparency and trust between the organization and the beneficiaries, which is crucial for the success and effectiveness of the Npower program.


In conclusion, Nasimsng has provided an update on their official Facebook page regarding the ongoing payment of stipends for Batch C 2 beneficiaries. This announcement signifies that progress is being made in the disbursement of stipends to the eligible individuals. It is a positive development that Nasimsng has communicated this information through their official platform, ensuring transparency and keeping beneficiaries informed about the payment process.

We can infer that Nasimsng is actively working towards fulfilling their commitment to disbursing the stipends, and beneficiaries can look forward to receiving their payments in due course.

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