Nigeria Police Recruitment 2024: Physical Screening Date & How to Know if You are Selected

The Nigeria Police Service Commission Recruitment Board has officially announced the commencement of the Physical/Credentials Screening for candidates who successfully completed the online registration for recruitment into the Nigeria Police Force as Police Constables.

This important phase of the recruitment process is set to take place from Monday, January 8th, to Monday, January 29th, 2024, starting at 7 am daily. The screening venues are the State Police Headquarters in their respective States of origin nationwide.

How to Check Your Invitation Status and Printing Your Slip

Candidates are urged to visit the official portal here to print their invitation slip, which has already started since December 25th, 2023. This slip contains vital information about the screening, including the venue, date, and time of the exercise. It is highly advised to adhere to the specified schedule to ensure a smooth process.

Screening Requirements

To ensure a successful screening process, candidates must come prepared with the following mandatory screening requirements, neatly arranged in two white flat files:

  1. Recent Passport Photographs: Multiple copies of recent passport-size photographs are required.
  2. Evidence of Physical/Mental Fitness: A certificate from a government-recognized medical hospital attesting to the applicant’s physical and mental fitness is mandatory.
  3. Evidence of Good Character: Candidates need to present evidence of good character from either their Traditional Ruler or Village/District Head.
  4. Certificate of Origin: A Certificate of Origin, duly signed by the Local Government Chairman or Secretary, is a must.
  5. National Identity Number (NIN): The NIN slip print-out is a document that must be presented for verification.
  6. Original and Duplicate Copies of Credentials: Candidates must bring their O’ Level Result(s) and Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age in original and duplicate copies.
  7. Print-out of Application Form: A printed copy of the completed application form is required for verification.
  8. Duly Completed Guarantor’s Form: Candidates must present a completed Guarantor’s form as part of the screening process.
  9. Invitation Slip: The printed invitation slip obtained from the official portal is mandatory for entry to the screening venue.

Adherence to Screening Requirements

It is very necessary for candidates to note that any failure to present the specified screening items will result in disqualification from the screening process. The Nigeria Police Service Commission Recruitment Board values the importance of thorough preparation, as adherence to the outlined requirements is non-negotiable.

Paying Attention to Scheduled Dates and Time

Candidates are strongly advised to pay serious attention to their scheduled dates and times for the screening. Failure to appear at the designated time may result in exclusion from the process. Additionally, candidates should carefully review other details and specific guidelines provided for the screening exercise on the invitation slip.

Tips for Successful Screening

In addition to the mandatory requirements, applicants are offered some valuable tips to enhance their chances of a successful screening:

  1. Present Genuine Credentials: Authenticity is very essential. Applicants should ensure that all presented credentials, including educational qualifications and identification documents, are genuine.
  2. Harmonize Credentials: Details such as the date of birth and arrangement of names must align across all documents. Any discrepancies may lead to complications during the screening process.
  3. Financial Preparation: Candidates are advised to bring along some money for their feeding and other necessities during the screening period. This preparation is to ensure a smoother experience throughout the exercise.
  4. Strict Adherence to Instructions: It cannot be overstated; applicants must strictly adhere to all instructions provided by the screening authorities. Failure to follow instructions may lead to disqualification.

Contact Information for Enquiries

For any enquiries or clarification, candidates can contact the help desk via the following:

  • Help Desk Number: 08069794453
  • WhatsApp: 09060483893

Applicants are encouraged to use the above contact details responsibly and only for genuine concerns related to the recruitment process.

Application Update

As a final note, candidates are reminded to access the official source of information,, for any updates or announcements.

For those who might have forgotten their application details, a link to the application page for the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) Nationwide Police Constable Recruitment 2023 is provided. Please be aware that the application for this specific recruitment is now closed.


Candidates are urged to strictly adhere to the screening requirements and schedule to ensure a smooth and successful process. This screening phase is an important step in the journey to becoming a Police Constable in the Nigeria Police Force. Wishing all applicants the best of luck in their endeavors. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements from the Nigeria Police Service Commission Recruitment Board.

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