This blog post will guide you on how to check the date of birth and name arrangement on your BVN for free.

Bank Vetification Number (BVN) details are very important personal information which is structured technique used by the CBN and other financial regulatory bodies in regulating and combating financial crimes. All bank customers must provide personal details, which will be uploaded online during the BVN registration. These details help provide a trace of any financial transaction done through a bank account.

What is BVN?

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is an 11 digit unique identity given to every bank user across Nigeria, it is a guide to microscope the activities of every individual in the financial sector. The BVN was introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to help provide a database of watch-listed individuals and eventually stop fraud incidence in the banking sector.

How to Check your BVN Date of Birth and Name Arrangement

There are a lot of methods used in checking information on BVN, ranging from going to the bank, using USSD, online paid site, and so on. The method am about to teach you is different from all of the mentioned. Remember the covid19 loan application portal? Yes! That’s the magic. The covid19 loan application portal has a verification feature that automatically detect your BVN information, that’s exactly what we are going to utilize in checking our Information.

Steps on How to Check Your BVN DOB and Name Arrangement

Step 1: Get your BVN ready (11 digits unique I.D) and if you have forgotten it, you can simply retrieve it by dialing *565*0# with MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, and 9MOBILE
Step 2: Open the Covid19 loan application portal at (make sure you set your browser to desktop view for better display)
Step 3: Click on “Apply for None-Interest Facility as shown on the picture below

Click on Apply for Non-Interest Facility

Step 4: Proceed by clicking on “Apply” as “new” applicant

Click on Apply and select new applicant in the next page.

Step 5: Select “Household”

Select Household

Step 6: Input your BVN and click on continue and then, “Next”. Your details should be visible by now and if not, click on continue and allow it to load again.

Type in your BVN and validate it. Then, click NEXT to view your details.

Note: The above process may stop working whenever the covid19 loan application portal closes. But then click here for other methods of viewing your BVN information. Please don’t forget to comment and share. Thank you.